Israel could be the fourth country to land on the Moon

Israel joins the space race with a project that could make them worthy of becoming the fourth country in the world to land a spacecraft on the Moon. It is a mission that would take place the next month of December and they do not want to delay further in time, since this 2018 70 years ago since that took place the Declaration of Independence.

With this milestone in mind, his idea is to launch a spacecraft unmanned to the end of the year as a collaboration between Israel Aerospace Industries and the non-profit organization SpaceIL. Both companies have raised more than € 75 million from private donors to finance the project in the last 8 years and now has a semblance to become reality. If it manages to reach the Moon, it would become the ship most small in do it ever: just measured 1 meter and a half tall and weighs about 600 pounds.

The launch will be from Cape Canaveral (Florida), but for the moment there is no confirmed date for this. Yes, it is expected that afternoon around 2 months to reach our natural satellite with a deadline of February 13, 2019. Once on the surface, it will take videos and photographs of all kinds, and will measure the magnetic field of the Moon using a magnetometer.

SpaceIL was part of a competition carried out by the company Google in 2014, which promised a prize of more than 15 million euros for the non-profit organization able to reach the Moon. No one did at the time, but that has not stopped to keep trying another way.

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