Annual review 2017: Updates and downloads

The end of 2017 is already in sight, and while we prepare for the new year, we’ll look in our annual review just one more time.

Also this year we kept you informed of the latest news, we helped you on your way with fun and practical workshops and we tried the latest devices for you. Which topics have you found this year interesting?

2017: The year of Windows 10 updates

The majority of our readers is now on Windows 10. Do you hear there? Than you got the past year with two major updates. The Creators Update in april and the Fall Creators Update in October. We told you what was new and how these updates safe could install.

But not everyone has made the switch. Also a large part of our site-visitors will sit (mostly) still on Windows 7. That’s why we were also in on the free install of Windows 10. Please note: One of the methods described still works, but briefly. You do not want to pay for the move, then some in a hurry.

2017 was also a good year for Windows 10. Hundreds of million devices are running already, and Windows 7 is as good as overthrown. Yet there was also criticism, particularly on privacy-area. A good reason to make the privacy-settings of Windows 10 and will continue to go through, where we then also helped.

2017: Illegal downloads of tires

For copyright owners was 2017 is a good year for internetpiraten less. After years of empty threats there were parties such as Brein and Dutch Filmworks finally decent steps have been taken to prevent illegal downloads of tires. Thus, providers XS4All and Ziggo this year forced The Pirate Bay to block.

The work around that blockage is fairly simple. So there are a lot of other torrensites yet simply accessible. If you choose this option, you should recently keep in mind that they will eventually you still know where to find it. It is expected that next year the first warning letters to illegal downloaders will be sent, on the basis of their ip address.

Well, so is a good vpn service slowly but surely indispensable to the…

Smartphones in 2017: Cheap is not paying good money may leave

This year we saw smartphonegebied a clear trend. Devices do not need to be expensive to be advanced features to offer a luxurious finish and fast performance. Also cheap models are always better to their male. For a few hundred euro you have a lot of decent smartphones. A few of our favorites:

Lenovo P2 – all-Rounder with extremely large battery

Motorola G5s – the Successor of the popular G5

Sony Xperia XA1 – Not the most beautiful, yet very solid

Huawei P10 Lite – Excellent specifications in a luxury housing

The best gadgets of 2017

Also in 2017 passed again karrevrachten full of new devices to the revue. One liked it better than the other, and this time, also, there were some outliers between. We put some of the standout highlights for you in a row.

New Nintendo 2DS XL – The best way to Nintendo 3DS games to play

Sony WS625 – Sportoordopjes with local muziekopslag

Sennheiser MKE 2 Elements – Indispensable microphone for GoPro users

Fitbit Charge 2 – One of the best options in the field of fitnesstrackers

Philips Moda 245C7QJSB – Handsome picture in a handsome frame

iWalk Scorpion Powerbank – Versatile powerbank for all your devices

Bose SoundLink Revolve – Not the cheapest, but certainly one of the best sounding bluetooth speakers

TomTom Via 53 – Navigation system via wi-fi to update is

Acer 5 Spin – This hybrid tablet is a versatile travel companion that utistekend screen

Nintendo Switch – Nintendo is back with this console, which is both fun for home or on the go

The best and most useful workshops of 2017

Computer Idea helps! That is our motto. And workshops are attached at the base. In addition, of course, the FAQman! The best and most useful how-to’s we list are a little bit for you.

Create calendar with Free Photo Calendar – Just in time for 2018

Do the Google Beveiligingscheck – are you sure everything’s locked?

Useful tips and tricks for WhatsApp – Betting that you still don’t know all?

Working with Wi-fi Analyzer – Because nothing is as annoying as slow internet

Become a Windows Insider And test the first the latest features

Adjusting images in Word – A short refresher course can never hurt

Second-hand sales on Facebook – if you make it to the paving stones to lose on the Marketplace

Screenshots with Awesome Screenshot – For those who can’t get enough of the Printscreen button

Convert files with Convertio – Because sometimes you from one to the other should make

Auto create table of contents – Saves a lot of time (and annoyance)

Getting started with Paint 3D – The only real successor of Paint

Own fonts to create – To be creative, from any angle

And much, much more…

We wish all readers a wonderful new year. Until 2018!

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