JPEG XS-file format for streaming video revealed

JPEG is a popular file format for images, which, thanks to the used compression very little disk space. The manufacturers are now coming with a new format, JPEG XS.

JPEG XS is not the successor of JPEG, the two existence will soon be next to each other. The XS size is designed for streaming video, and for use in virtual reality applications. To the quality of the images to maintain a high level, there is less a matter of compression than JPEG files.

Nevertheless, it is the format of the file according to Joint Photographic Experts Group (abbreviated as JPEG) is optimised so that it despite the file size, without noticeable delay streamed across wi – fi and 5G networks.

Many applications

The intention is to recognise that it is video-editing software support so that movie files as JPEG XS can be exported. But also professional camera equipment, drones, and even autonomous vehicles must be capable of processing.

The European space agency (ESA) has already shown interest in JEPG XS for images from space will soon be more efficient to the earth to be able to send. For that time, the standard by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to be approved.

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