The famous patience china has 3 secrets and are not difficult to practice

On many occasions, to achieve some goal, modern people are desperate. Don’t have the patience enough to accomplish his purposes, to bring a harmonious relationship with their family. How do you cultivate patience? It is no secret that the chinese are famous for this quality of yours. decided to tell you how to instill patience in this oriental country.

1. Philosophy

The main principle of chinese philosophy is the “peace of mind“ and ”inactivity“. The chinese are confident that there is not to rush things; if fate wants it, it will also without your effort. It is better to wait and “swim with the stream”.

Such obedience to the destination aid to the chinese to not pursue the results passengers, but to endure and think about the future.

2. Foster

In modern China the children are still raising in a very strict way. This is borne out by Amy Chua in her controversial book “battle Hymn of the Mother tiger“.

The author is in china and tells how raising their kids to achieve success. They are not allowed to sleep in the home of their friends, invite their friends to their house ”to play”, watch tv, play video games, scoring under 90 in all subjects except physical education, or learning to play any other musical instrument that is not piano or violin.

According to Amy Chua, the limitations constant and the firm raise the children, the obedience, the patience and the love for the job. And these qualities are those that help them to survive the competition and achieve success.

3. Hieroglyphics

Until the hieroglyph that means patience in China is special. It consists of two parts: the symbols “knife“ and ”heart”.

When someone sticks a knife in the heart for the back and that does not stops beating, this is the real patience. In other words, in China a patient person is one who does not let his anger dominate your mind.

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