The story of Little one, a seal which, apparently, it is believed cat

In 2016, a fisherman Russian saved to a tiny breeding of nerpa: the baby came up to the man, while he was fishing in the lake of Ládoga. Faced with such a creature is innocent, the man could not be indifferent and took her to the rehabilitation centre of marine animals in St. Petersburg. The little seal, called “Kroshik”, which means “Little one”, she weighed just 4 pounds. The center’s employees did their best to get on with it and they succeeded: the small became an adorable mammal. But with this the story of Little one not just. found the continuation of this story. Let’s look at what happened to the seal after she was rescued.

So this was the Little one when he arrived at the rehabilitation center: a little bit bigger than a cat home. I had a behavior atypical for a seal: it was intended that the people charged, demanded attention, and affection.

With time, the baby grew up, and the time came to return it to the wild. However, when released, the Little one was given several splashing around in the water, and returned to the people, refusing to completely go back to where I was born. The decision was made to leave it in the center for another year and, for that desacostumbrara of the people, to stop scratch the touch the belly, and play with him.

In a year, the seal grew and became more independent, and in may of 2017 the zootecnistas made another attempt to drop a Little one in the lake of Ládoga. For 2 hours, swam near the shore and several times he tried to get out to the shore. After fading from the view, the employees of the center thought that the return of the seal to its natural habitat, would have no setbacks.

But during the 4 weeks spent in the lake, the seal was still looking for encounters with people, and doing mischief: stealing fish from the boats and up to bit an individual, after which he decided to get out of the water. The specialists of the center decided that the psychological state of a Toddler would fully adapt to the wild nature: he was too attached to humans, although not all of the people to bear well with him.

After this, it was decided to leave a Little one in the center, to the side of those who could take good care of him. Here is a pool, whose conditions are so similar to natural as is possible; food and human good are always willing to scratch the touch’s tummy. The seal behaves as if it were a kitten loving: after feeding, asks to load or be petted.

The employees of the center developed an educational program for the young seal does not become lazy and do not lose your hunter skills, and Little one is learning to clap and catch objects tied to a rope.

In winter, Little one “tested” a moustache of ice of luxury and enjoyed the snow, and in march began to move the skin, a month ahead of time: apparently, I just did not want it passed to your cottage from the outside. The employees of the center do not plan to spend a Little one to any zoo or circus, on the contrary, they intended to continue taking care of it on your own: the seal friendly became the favorite of all.

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