The list of reasons that explains why the arabs and muslims are so afraid of the dogs

Everyone who has a dog will be asked this question at some point because, when you take a turn with your partner, it is impossible to ignore the reaction of the majority of muslims when they see one of these animals near them.

If it happened to you, we are sure you will be surprised and some time you may have wondered why you scare them so much.

What is the dog an animal unclean to the muslims?

There is who says that the dog is an animal unclean to Islam because it says so in the Quran, others claim that it is for fear that the dog may lick the feet and with it to transmit any disease, but the truth is not clear between both rumor. What it says in the Quran that dogs are unclean animals?

Occurrences of dogs in the Quran

La lista de razones que explica por qué los árabes y musulmanes tienen tanto miedo a los perros

The dog is mentioned on only three occasions in the Quran and none of them in a negative way, it is more, two of those times is praised as a companion.

In the surat al-Maidah, allah says that among the good things permitted to you, are the animals that hunts and that your dog picks up for you (Qur’an, 5:4).

In the surat al-Araf, Allah accused who has been guided to the truth, but chooses to follow their passions. Resembles this type of people to a person who only ahuya and pants (Qur’an, 7:176). This verse alludes to the constant gasps of dogs, regardless of their activity.

Finally, it appears in the story of young people fearful of their Lord that they were saved by his dog in the beginning of surat al-Kahf (Qur’an, 18).

From these passages we infer that the attitude antiperro is not from the Holy Qur’an, but then, where does it come from?

The aversion to dogs comes from the Hadiths

A Hadith is a saying or conversation that for Islam represents the sayings and actions of the Prophet Mahona, narrated by his companions and collected by those sages who succeeded them. The hadiths are immediately below on the Quran and dictate customs, ways of behaving and conduct.

La lista de razones que explica por qué los árabes y musulmanes tienen tanto miedo a los perros

The following two Ahaadeeth could be the culprit of the animosity of the arabs for the dogs.

The first Hadith states that: “Aishah: The things that nullify the prayer were mentioned before me (and those were): a dog, a donkey and a woman.” Here is exposed the first negative connotation towards the dogs, being guilty of distracting from the prayer.

The second hadeeth is more accurate, and is against a type of dog, the black dogs: “And the black dog has to be killed, according to an authentic hadith“. Only the black dogs have to be euthanized as they are considered a beast vicious or even a demon.

La lista de razones que explica por qué los árabes y musulmanes tienen tanto miedo a los perros

Despite not being picked in the fundamentals of their religion, you see that does not make good crumbs with the dogs, and the reason boils down to the education they receive in their homes. And since it is not only a question of religion, if not that is extended by the arab culture in the same way.

If your mother is terrified of spiders, the more likely it is that it will transmit that fear, so it is not surprising that a whole culture may show the same behaviour in the face of an adorable, helpless dog.

Have you ever noticed any time a panic was your dog? Do you think that your dog instills fear?

¡Share it with your friends with dogs to know that is not the fault of their fellow 4-legged!

Source: new-muslims | wikipedia

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