Glamour magazine did a survey and compiled a rating of the men most sexy of the world

Each year Glamour magazine is conducting a survey among its membership and makes a ranking of the men most sexy of the world. And every year there are new names, which is encouraging.

For subierte the mood today, invites you to look at this Top 20.

20. Alexander Skarsgård

19. Tom Hardy

18. John Boyega

17. David Gandy

16. Theo James

15. Chris Hemsworth

14. Zayn Malik

13. Jared Leto

12. Harry Styles

11. Tom Hughes

10. Joe Wicks

9. Tom Hiddleston

8. Matt Bomer

7. Mike Colter

6. Chris Evans

5. Luke Evans

4. James McAvoy

3. Robert Pattinson

2. Aidan Turner

1. Jamie Dornan

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