LaLiga uses its mobile app to become informers digital

The application of LaLiga has implemented a new feature that uses geolocation and the microphone of the mobile to find out if you are watching football matches of the competition in public places in a fraudulent manner. The new function, for which the user has to give its consent, has been included through the new version of the application, distributed through updates and the official sites since this Sunday, according to communicate LaLiga via a press release.

After obtaining consent, the app converts snippets of audio captured by the microphone into a binary code called a digital fingerprint and compares it to fingerprints of retransmissions for the homes of football matches, given that the service for bars and other public establishments was used by another narration. Ai match and the geolocation indicates that we may be at a local public LaLiga would have a clear track of that a bar could be releasing the football to the public without paying the corresponding fee, naturally higher than the pay-per view at home.

According to LaLiga, your system fingerprint is irreversible, that is to say, from the footprint could not obtain the original audio, and it is this footprint which is sent to their servers, not the original audio. If the fingerprint does not match with the stored is deleted directly, but if matched is stored next to the phone’s IP address and the identifier of the installation of the app on the user’s mobile data both to the new european regulation on protection of data considered as personal data.

The system is only activated in the slots game, a basic requirement if you don’t want to end up with the mobile phone’s battery. In addition, the app will ask periodically the consent of the users to facilitate their withdrawal, and will work equally without obligation to the demos. Sources of LaLiga have claimed to Digital Freedom that “the next great battle is the piracy in the bars,” which represents losses of between 150 and 200 million a year, money that would go to the coffers of the football clubs that comprise it. That’s why they attempt to convince users of their app to give their consent under the idea that well help your team.

In any case, the Spanish Agency of Data Protection has already announced, through his Twitter account, which has “opened up proceedings, pre-investigation ex-officio” in relation to the application of LaLiga.

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