Long-awaited Timeline feature in Windows 10 makes debut

The recently launched Fall Creators Update would actually be the Timeline feature to Windows 10 should bring, but saved it on time. In the most recent trial version of the operating system makes the now finally his debut.

Microsoft, the roll out is started of build 17063 of Windows 10, that to install is as soon as you Windows Insider . In this way, you can get the newest Windows features, as a first try, including now the Timeline.

Who now in Windows 10 the Windows-key + Tab key, you will see a list of all open windows and folders. As soon as the Timeline is part of the OS, you can also see which apps you have (had) on your smartphone or tablet.

It is important that you the devices first Windows 10 link. This can be since the last update in the Settings screen. Microsoft wants to work on mobile devices and the desktop pc, better align.

Of on the way to home

Suppose you have in the train on your Android tablet or iPad to a Word document worked. Once home, you put in your pc, and open the Timeline. From there you can see where you left off, and you can go on the computer to continue working.

The same applies, for example, for websites. You sat on your smartphone in the middle of an exciting article, but you had to quickly exit to get off the train? Read right away on your pc as soon as you get home.


The Tijnlijn is not called for nothing. All your activities are listed in chronological order. If you have something want to find, then there is a search function built in. Cortana can also help, when the voice assistant ever English can understand.

Not A Windows Insider? Then you can use the Timeline feature probably around april 2018 expect. Than is coming the next major update for Windows 10.

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