Laptop smartphone: Always Connected PC revealed

Laptops run frequently on processors of Intel and smartphones, in which Qualcomm, but with the advent of the Always Connected PC that will change. The border between laptop and smartphone is blurring further.

Microsoft today announced the first laptops that will run on the Snapdragon 835-processor from Qualcomm. That we see normally only in smartphones. The U.s. Samsung Galaxy S8 and the OnePlus 5 run there, for example.

Thanks to that cell processor go laptops are more like smartphone worn. So it jumps the screen similar to as soon as you have the computer open it up, you do not need to wait until the things starts up.

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2-in-1 with 4G

The Snapdragon processor provides the notebooks also to the standard of 4G, hence the Always Connected-name. Because the cpu is also very energy efficient, have laptops that will be equipped with a very high battery life. A model of Asus tap the 22 hours.

Qualcomm anticipates that its mobile processors will primarily be popping up in 2-in-1 models. The newly unveiled HP Envy X2, and NoVaGo of Asus are both hybrid tablets with Snapdragon 835 on board. When they are for sale in the Netherlands, is not yet known.

‘Just’ Windows 10

You would expect that the devices on a special version of Windows 10 running, but that is not the case. Microsoft, the operating system has to be made compatible with the chip of Qualcomm, and Windows-programs there would just have to run. In some cases, there is only a degree of emulation, thus it may happen that certain software isn’t working properly. How that turns out, the future must tell.

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