10 favorite quotes of the men handlers

Next to you is an interesting man, smart, and charming that it seems that all is well. But for some reason always have the feeling that you do not what you want, but what he wants. Possibly next door to you is a man manipulative and can force you or force you to perform the role that he needs from you to feel a greater pleasure.

In Great.guru we will tell you how to recognize this man and, more importantly, how to stand up to him.

“I am as I am, and not try to change me”

  • What is it that he wants? He does not want to assume responsibility, or make any decision and do not leave their comfort zone. This is a phrase from a teenager but not an adult man.
  • How to resist? “You have all the reason. I think you need a woman who’ll accept you just as you are”.

“Look at what I have become! What I did? What a wimp, submissive and a loser!”

  • What is it that he wants? The man is trying to give you all the responsibility for its failures and problems. You will destroy the life, as it is a poor man who feels like a puppet in your hands.
  • How to resist? “If I don’t agree with your parameters, maybe we’re not really a couple.”

“Do you understand what kind of nonsense are you talking about?”

  • What is it that he wants? Almost directly to this man you are calling a woman stupid and a few lights, whose opinion does not take into account. According to your way of thinking, it is better to not open the mouth in general.
  • How to resist? “I take offense to your words, if I don’t have reason, let me know”.

“I thought that we trusted each other, because all I had”

  • What is it that he wants? He wants you to be straightforward to know information about yourself, which then used against you. If, after this sentence, the man will ask for your PIN code for your bank account, it is a bad sign.
  • How to resist? “If, for supueto, we trust each other, but there are things about which I don’t want to or I’m not ready to tell you now.”

“All women are the same: to invent something, to imagine things complicated”

  • What is it that he wants? Such a man tries to despreciarte as a person. Do your problems and concerns are invented and silly, telling you that you are just tantrums and whims of female.
  • How to resist? “I see that now you’re angry. I respect your right to any opinion about me and my behavior, even though it does not coincide with mine.”

“For you I shave and like the dishes of thy mother all the days that even you can’t…”

  • What is it that he wants? Forces you to do something you definitely don’t want to do. The man becomes their relations in a barter: I will serve you coffee in bed and you make me a soup for dinner.
  • How to resist? “I do not like it when I’m forced to do something against my will.”

“I thought we had love, but you don’t understand me”

  • What is it that he wants? Read between the lines: “I Want to give you all the responsibilities for our problems”. Or he did something bad and tries to throw the blame.
  • How to resist? “I want to have insight and understanding, but for this let me know please the reasons for your actions”.

“If you leave me, I’m not going to want to live without you”

  • What is it that he wants? Want that you feel fear. Expected to be afraid of be the main reason for the tragedies in his life and having to endure her character and whims throughout life.
  • How to resist? “You have to understand how to overcome your own concerns. I don’t want to live under the control of the sense of guilt”.

“Well, since you apologized. What more do you want from me?”

  • What is it that he wants? The man believes that apologies neutralize any situation, even the most terrible. This is the favorite phrase of a tyrant family. You after this sentence rushed over to his arms.
  • How to resist? “I’m glad you have apologized, but let us continue discussing the situation so that this does not again happen never”.

“Of all the evil in the world is for women”

  • What is it that he wants? Do you feel lower, you are somehow to blame in all the world’s problems to global warming and the increase in the course of the dollar. But the man forgets that only the woman gives the life, care, breeding, gives warmth, kindness and love.
  • How to resist? “If women are evil, you have to keep away from them. I wish you the best, that’s why I bless you and I release you”.

You are wondering: “How could I overlook things so obvious?” You can, and very often. Try to pay attention to all these signals, even in the stage of getting to know you. After all, in the end what is most important is your emotional health and happiness.

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