The 10 worst things you can do with your hair

All the people we want to have a beautiful hair, strong and shiny. Although the main way of achieving this objective is a well-balanced diet and a good care of the routines that you do with your hair.

In we want to show you some things that you might be doing incorrectly without even knowing it. It will be best that you avoid the things on this list if you want to keep your hair healthy.

1. Waiting too long to cut your hair

If you have curly hair or crespo, if it looks messy and has no shape, if your hair tangles easily or if you do a lot of knots alone, it is likely that you’re delaying your appointment with your stylist, especially if you want to have a long hair, but in addition to this, hydrated. Your hair will be longer if you cut it on a regular basis, not because your hair to grow faster, but because so you don’t have split ends or dried up.

Solution: visit your hairdresser of confidence regularly.

2. Dye it yourself

The concept DIY (do-it-yourself, for its acronym in English do it yourself) could be very practical in many occasions, but dyeing your hair is not the case, unless you are a professional stylist, or at least know exactly what you are doing. What is more likely is that you finish by going to a salon anyway, but it will be much more difficult and more expensive to fix what you’ve done. Let the professionals take care of your hair from the beginning.

Solution: you must request an appointment at the hair salon.

3. Brushing or combing wet hair

When your hair is wet, it is very delicate and more prone to break. You can experiment a bit to verify this the next time you wash your hair. Select one (only one, we don’t want you to stay bald) and tries to break it. You will discover that breaks down a lot easier than when it is dry. The brush does the same thing, but instead of a single hair breaks down hundreds.

The heat of the curling irons or straighteners make the water evaporate widely, and, as we all learned in school, water expands with the evaporation, breaking the hair. In addition, when using hot tools, just burn your hair, finishing worsen the damage.
Solution: let dry before brushing and combing. We recommend the use of some products of thermal protection.

4. Use Combs and brushes that are dirty

When you brush your hair, many particles of dead skin end up in your brush, so you can’t perceive it with the naked eye. Dead skin is the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria, all kinds of them. In addition to being simply disgusting, you can re-navigate to your scalp if you don’t wash your brush regularly.

Solution: wash your brushes or passes a wipe wet your them before you comb. Dispose of the tissue after brushing, leaving the brush clean.

5. Washing the hair too frequently and with very hot water

The glands on our scalp produce natural oils that are essential to the health of our hair, and the hot water can be removed, which causes the hair to dry out and become brittle. The “sobrelavado” will have these same effects. The hair stylists recommend washing your hair two times a week, or three times if you have the hair very greasy.

Solution: don’t wash your hair every day and when you do, only use lukewarm water.

6. Do not use conditioner or use it in place of shampoo

The shampoo and conditioner are products totally different and used for different purposes and may not be replaced with each other. The shampoo cleans, the conditioner moisturizes.

Here is a simple comparison: your car needs gasoline and oil, not one or the other. These are two different products and your car will not have any appeal for you to pour gasoline where it is supposed to be the oil. It’s the same with your hair: if you use conditioner in place of shampoo or don’t use it at all, your scalp will not come out benefited. Although the damage will not be as expensive compared with the car… probably.

Solution: use both, first the shampoo, then the conditioner.

7. Don’t change products for your hair when you see changes in him

Currently, there are millions of products on the market: for fine hair, thick, color, mistreated and many more. Have ingredients slightly different according to each purpose. If your hair has changed, you should change the products.

Let us make a comparison with your car again. We all know that you shouldn’t put petrol in a 4WD diesel. So, why would you use shampoo for oily hair if you have dry nibs and brittle?

Solution: time to go shopping.

8. Brushing the hair too often and do it from the scalp

If you over brush your hair from the scalp, you’ll end up creating a knot of mass and pulling much more hair. Do this also weakens the roots. “’t overwash” your hair does a similar damage. In general terms, not repair if something is not broken: in other words, don’t brush if you don’t need to do it really.

Solution: always begin brushing your hair starting at the ends and progresses to the scalp, untangling knots along the way.

9. The frequent use of hairstyles very tight

If you rat the hair with a lot of strength very often, with time you can damage it, because it literally strips you of your roots. If your preferred style is a ponytail, avoid doing it with metal items or change the height every day, alternating this way: “up” and “down”.

Solution: tie your hair once in a while, but not every day.

10. Too much sun

Usually, if we plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, remember to use sunscreen, but often forget to protect the hair. Too much exposure to the sun damages not only your skin but also your hair. If your hair is very bleached, it looks and feels dry and you have many split ends, then the UV radiation is likely responsible for this damage.

Solution: wear a hat or scarf thin to cover your hair from the sun.

We may not have mentioned some tricks. If you want to share your tricks really cool, we strongly recommend that you do so in the comments.

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