10 trends to be more dangerous that not even you should try

The advancement in social media greatly affects our lives. Now anyone can share their ideas through the network and viralizarlas. Although most of the modern trends are harmless and are created just for fun, some of them can cause even death.

Great.guru wants to teach you the 10 hot trends that are definitely not you should try never at home.

10. The challenge of the fire

9. Planking: lying horizontally

At first glance, Planking seems innocent enough, but it has become a real madness. Although this activity (or perhaps it is better to say “passivity”?) you do not have a real goal, people are constantly looking for places ever more extreme and dangerous to do so: on tigers and crocodiles, roofs and posts phone, even on roads filled with traffic and the highest cliffs.

Small nests containing eggs of the wasp have recently become a new way to clean and rejuvenate the vagina. Among other benefits, online sellers of this product state that the wasps gallaritas or wasps from galls (Cynipidae) can help to improve the sex life.

However, specialists are not so sure of the effect that produce the nests of wasps in the body of a woman, as it can cause severe burns and destroy the protective layers. Just imagine what would happen if one of those eggs was born!

7. Eating cactus

To win this challenge, you must take a cactus whole and eat it. And let’s not forget of all the punctures!

This recent trend caused quite a few problems. The spines of cactus can drill from the inside of the body and cause internal bleeding. Some people are not limited to this, and create additional difficulties for themselves. For example, cover a cactus with a spicy sauce, sprinkled with pepper and proceed to eat them with all this.

6. The surf in vehicles

The surf in vehicles became popular at the end of the last century and continues to be one of the trends most viral among young people. To accept this challenge, you must climb to the top of a car and try to stay there as long as possible while someone else is driving the vehicle at high speed.

5. The choking game

There are many ways to stop the flow of air from your body. Some teenagers ask their friends to push their lungs as strong as they can. Or also choose to expel the air from your lungs until they are unconscious. Some of the boys most crazy choke by putting a bag or a pillow over the head.

Although adolescents believe that they can get high or to experience an altered state of consciousness due to lack of oxygen, can actually cause permanent neurological damage. It is possible that not even you can wake up again.

4. The challenge of the condom

The challenge of the condom has two variations. The first involves inserting a condom into one of your nostrils and suck it by the throat and the mouth.

The second trick works this way: you take a condom full of water and let it fall on someone’s head. The condom is reversed, keeping the water inside, and your friend will appear to be inside of a fishbowl.
In both cases, this game can be highly dangerous because condoms are very elastic and it is almost impossible to ripping them. If something goes wrong, you can drown yourself.

3. Game 72

This dangerous challenge has really spread panic among parents. To accept it, the children attempt to disappear for 3 days. Simply flee the house without telling anyone. After 72 hours, usually return safe and sound.

The disquieting thing about this game is that many innocent people are arrested because they look suspicious to the police. And, of course, there is also the risk of the children to be involved in a dangerous situation and never come home.

2. The challenge of the draft

It turns out that even a small, innocent piece as a draft can hurt you. The challenge of the draft is gaining more and more popularity among students all over the world.

This game involves rubbing your skin with an eraser as hard as you can while you recite the alphabet or any other phrase. As a result, your skin will be damaged and may appear severe burns. The challenge is not only can leave a scar for life, but also cause bacterial infections as it destroys the natural barrier of the skin.

1. ’Eyeballing’ or to drink vodka through the eyes

The main idea of this madness of drink for the eyes is the following: the alcohol passes easily through the mucous membrane of the eye and you emborrachas faster. There are many skeptics who believe it is simply a placebo effect because the people that accepted this challenge are often already intoxicated.

Despite this, doctors and ophthalmologists are alarming to the young people, as this trend can actually cause many diseases, including complete loss of vision.

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