The 19 best series according to bystanders

Las 19 mejores series según los espectadores

All of us really like the series. Today, many people prefer to about the films, taking into account that you have scripts great, costumes beautiful and talented actors. Among these series there are some that still have not received any awards nor have they received the attention of critics, but have conquered a crowd of fans. And they have their good reasons.

This collection of does not include series such as Game of thrones, Sherlock, True Detective, Fargo , or Downton Abbey. All of you already know, have millions of admirers and many awards. We gave the task of finding series little-known, but quite good. Pay attention, since all the series are relatively recent, having been released after 2010.


An amazing team work in this series: Jonathan Nolan, who invented all the movies his brother Christopher, is involved in the script; it counts with the participation of talented actors, including Anthony Hopkins; and Ramin Javadi, creator of the main theme of Game of thrones, wrote a nifty soundtrack. In general, the music of the series is a wonder! Just imagine “Black Hole Sun” or “No Surprises” by Radiohead, played on a player piano inside a saloon in jeans. The people who have already seen this series and claim that, according to her beauty dark, dramatic and interesting argument, it is as good as Game of thrones.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,9

Pulseras rojas (Polseres vermelles)

Do not confuse it with the remake american of the same name: already that have been criticized a lot. Viewers they love the Spanish version. The series is about teenagers who are seriously ill who met in the hospital and they decided to test the theory of the ideal company, you should have six members: the indispensable, the handsome, the intelligent, the girl, the leader, and a person who could be a leader, but he did not. A story sincere, kind and touching (but that doesn’t make you cry), in which Albert Espinosa, who won the 10-year fight against a serious illness, I personally invested a lot of.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,2

The Young Pope

This is not a comedy about a dad that young do not know which side you should put the diaper of a baby. Is the new series from Paolo Sorrentino, in which Jude Law plays the Pope Pius XIII, the first american leader of the Roman Catholic Church in all of history. A series of brilliant, intellectual and provocative, shot with sophistication, aesthetics, so that it makes you want to stop the scene and look at it carefully; is able to stick to the screen more than any thriller.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,5

Stranger Things

Do you remember our favorite genres that cause nostalgia? Movies about teenagers unfortunate enough to impose to the kids, “cool” school, science fiction about cruel scientists in the style Spielberg of the 80’s, a mystery that puts you goosebumps in the style of Stephen King. All of this adds lovely children and a music to fashion, and like the cherry on the cake, unearths from the depths to Winona Ryder, the actress ‘ favorite film of the 90’s. So you get: Stranger Things. The series has combined all these ingredients in a set so successful that, after the first season, they formed a powerful community of fans.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 9

The pillars of the Earth (The Pillars of the Earth)

A historical series on the Middle Ages in England, a time that is as dark as romantic. Is the adaptation of the incredible novel by Ken Follett and one of the best historical series of recent times, starring the respected Eddie Redmayne.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,1


This is a remake u.s., whose history speaks about the slights of the Gallagher, a large family, and his dad’s an alcoholic. They fall into the most improbable adventures and try to survive in this world. The fans say that it is impossible not to fall in love with the series. This is not a soap opera with a script that is “dark” about the difficulties of life (although it is that). The humor, charismatic characters and completely out of stereotypes, their strength of will and loyalty to your family despite everything, converted the series into a long-term success. Started in 2011 and has 7 seasons.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,7

Peaky Blinders

A cloudy atmosphere, a soundtrack exciting, a storyline unpredictable, customs, genius, and the brilliant transformations of Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy: all of this attracted the attention of millions of fans to the series. In addition, here the gang members are incredibly fashionable: they have all, even up to hairstyles with a lot of style.

It is a great pleasure to hear the extraordinary, and funny pronunciation that the actors had to learn. In the 20’s, in Birmingham spoke in a different way than as they do now, and to immerse themselves more in the atmosphere of that time, we advise you to see a couple of chapters in the language of the original version, even people who know English at the intermediate level will understand well by watching the subtitles.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,8

Black Mirror

Each chapter of this series is a story about modern media technologies, bringing everything from the extreme to the grotesque. All we know this very well because, who has not felt a release of pleasant endorphins when your photo in the social networks collected more “likes” than usual?

After the premiere of the third season, in Facebook even launched a game in accordance with the reasons of each chapter, Nosedive (“Tailspin”). In this world, the ranking of the person on social networks determines your social status. You can’t even raise my voice for fear that your partner will put a “I don’t like”. After that your ranking has dropped considerably, you will not be left to re-enter your incredibly beautiful office, which is perfect for taking selfies. Well, in general, you’ll get into any side.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,9


The viewers include a hyphen and exciting that not only keeps you from being bored, but also makes you tremble several times in the chair. The wonderful work of the operator of cameras, and an incredible cast make this series something special. Tells the story of how a few police officers trying to stop the famous drug trafficker Pablo Escobar. The second season was more successful than the first, something that is not normally the case, so be sure to see it all.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,9


This famous hindu epic is brought to life. This is probably the most simple and fascinating to understand the wisdom millennial of the hindu town. Here, the kings, heroes and gods they want to, they fight, compete and take wise decisions. Viewers not only like this series for its special effects, but also by the eternal theme of the struggle of the goodness and divine against the lower. At the end of each chapter, the god Krishna leaves you something to think about with the following words: “Think on this”.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,7

Spartacus: Gods of the arena / Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Spartacus: Blood and Sand / Spartacus: Gods of the Arena)

A script dynamic, spectacular combat between gladiators, the famous customs of the romans; this series is the most colorful on the roman Empire with all its glory and depravity. The main series is called Spartacus: Gods of the arena and Spartacus: Blood and Sand is its prequel, which also has good reviews, possibly even a lot more than the main.

  • Spartacus: Gods of the arena. Ranking of IMDb: 8,6
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Ranking of IMDb: 8,6

The Hollow Crown

Our most sincere thanks to the person who created a cycle of adaptations of historical works of William Shakespeare and, in addition, it occurred to him to hire a cast of first category: Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jeremy Irons. The result was simply wonderful.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,5

TVF Pitchers

In Latin America, this series hindu is still not so popular, but its ranking on IMDb is higher than that of Friends. According to the spectators, enters the top 10 of the best series of 2010 along with Game of thrones, True Detective, Stranger Things and other successful series. The series is about four good-looking friends who quit their job to start a business. In this way we expect many event fun and, sometimes, sad.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 9,4

Beyond the garden (Over the Garden Wall)

This is a mini-series animated about the adventures of some of our brothers lost in a dark forest. The result is a work of ingenious, a little bit gothic and surreal, in the style of the elegance of Lynch. Here, the forest is not what it seems.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 9,2

The bridge (Bron/Broen)

It is one of the most fascinating stories and complicated converted in series. The music, the sequence of videos, the stories and characters are linked in a seamless narrative with a superb harmony. Viewers highlight the action that takes place so hypnotic and makes you not able to detach yourself from the screen or forget any plot. Another peculiarity of this series of Danish-Swedish: the complete truthfulness of both the people and the events.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,6


The viewers consider this series as something quite phenomenal, and in his absence, he deserves it. They are like the “Dr. House” of the case-law, a couple of lawyers great: a heartbreaker and a shameless, together they earn surprisingly the cases more confusing and complicated.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8.7

Horace and Pete

This is a series of very charming starring Steve Buscemi on a New York bar that from one hundred years ago, is under the charge of the generations of Horace and Pete. Here you will find a lot of jokes craggy, a bit of philosophy and a minimum of hypocrisy. The plot invites you to lie on a couch inside the bar, Horace and Pete, to laugh and reflect. The chapters are created in the form of theatrical works, without all the excesses.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,9

The Crown (The Crown)

The story of the transformation of the young wife, mother and princess Elizabeth in a great queen tells us all about the british monarchy without secrets. Not for nothing many expected this series forward: has exceeded all expectations. The action unfolds slowly, but at the same time, The Crown takes care of immediately several frames, each of which could be a series by separate divisions within the family of Windsor, a political struggle and the complications in marriage which is doomed to remain forever in the shade.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,8

Vikings (Vikings)

One of the most successful series of its kind, it has 5 seasons and will continue. The series is based on real facts, that is to say, taking into account the stories semilegendarios of Ragnar Lothbrok, who is recognized as one of the early kings of Sweden and Denmark, during the EIGHTH century. Ragnar Lothbrok was the hero largest of its time. The series tells the saga of his brothers vikings and his family while he rises to become the king of the tribes of the viking. Subsequently, he fathered children by powerful people who, in the end, they will have a confrontation tremendous. Without a doubt, a series that is very much worth it.

  • Ranking of IMDb: 8,6

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