The 4 sex Positions that you should avoid and that more problems cause

Although it is not something that you hear about and is not very frequent, but fracture of the penis while sex is something that can happen. Injury is a rare it only affects 1 out of every 100 thousand men, so that is a problem of health very unfamiliar and with which few people know how to act or in what kind of situation we are encountering.

Despite all of this, and while it may be embarrassing, it is a lesion of excruciating pain and an emergency of urgent treatment, so that we should go to the doctor immediately in the case in which we find ourselves with a similar situation.

If the human penis has no bone, what exactly is it that breaks when you fracture a penis?

Las 4 Posiciones sexuales que deberías evitar y que más problemas provocan
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First of all we must know that although it is called so, not really a fracture as is often assumed in the case of an arm or a leg.

When a man is sexually aroused, the blood flows through the erectile tissue making it inflate. This increases the pressure and causes the penis to become rigid and hard. If for any reason the penis is bent to the force while in this state (as by hitting the perineum during sex) can result from the rupture of the tunica albuginea, which is the layer that wraps around the entire structure that makes up the penis of the man.

As you can imagine, the rupture causes severe pain and bruising is quite severe. In some occasions, even can damage to the urethra, so that if you ever have the misfortune to suffer a fracture of the penis, it is always necessary that you make a trip to the hospital.

Las 4 Posiciones sexuales que deberías evitar y que más problemas provocan
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A group of brazilian researchers have performed a study with the who have discovered that the position of “woman on top” is the sexual position that most fractures of the penis cause among men.

For the study, the researchers analyzed all the broken penises that occurred between January 2000 and march 2012, communicated to the three emergency hospitals of the city of Campinas, Brazil.

Calm, safe, that you feel relieved to know that more than 3 million people that make up the population of Campinas, only 44 patients visited the hospital for this reason during the study period.

Apparently, the experts found that the majority of fractures of the penis occurred during heterosexual sex, accounting for 66.7 per cent of cases observed. Another 14.3 percent were caused by a bad “handling of the penis” and a 9.5 per cent were originated during sex gay. 9.5% of the cases were classified as”unclear”. Maybe it’s best to leave it as well.

In sex hetrosexuales, the position of the “cowgirl” was responsible for half of the fractures of the penis. 28.6% experienced during the posture of a “puppy” and a 21.4% occurred with the man on top.

Las 4 Posiciones sexuales que deberías evitar y que más problemas provocan
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Sexual relations are homosexual, the “two main positions” seemed to be quite similar: half of the patients reported to be on the bottom and the other half were in the position of “doggy style”.

The research also found that the mean age of the patients who suffered this type of accident age of 34.5 years old.

Despite how horrible that may sound a fracture of the penis, the investigators reported that the long-term effects are relatively mild. Only two patients experienced erectile dysfunction in the long term and four reported a minimum curvature of the penis, which is totally harmless in the majority of cases.

So, you know, have sex with caution if you don’t want to end up with your member shattered…

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