5 applications most disturbing of all times

Open an application from our mobile devices is a thing of every day. The platforms that the more we consume are social networks or instant messaging applications, but it is true that there are a handful of variety that we can take advantage of to aid us in our daily life.

However, there are developers that have spent great efforts in creating platforms, not so traditional and that, without doubt, are really disturbing. To see that we did not lie, we will show you a list with some applications that you may not know.

5 apps absurd that you had never imagined existed

Honey, It’s me

novia virtual

This app talks about the dark side of humanity. It is a wedding virtual call Mine, whose aim is to make your visitors feel that they are not alone. Apparently in South Korea, people have serious problems getting along with people, because Mine can do up to 4 video calls in the day. What is disturbing is that it has a repertoire of more than 100 phrases so that the conversations can flow naturally. However, the platform is not yet available for Android or iOS, although Nabix, the study that launched this app, it said that aims to be extended even more with other languages. What Descargarías this application to simulate that you have a girlfriend?


It is a fact that interpersonal relationships are no longer the same since the advent of the technology, especially if we focus on the applications that are used to find a partner. Yes, we know that there is Tinder, and that this is not new, but FaceDate is a difference to be underlined: the possibility of finding someone like our favorite celebrity.

How does it work? Users only have to upload pictures of their celebrity, or if you wish, images of attractive people to by using an algorithm of facial recognition, the app find similarities with the goal of showing a display of common users that match with the traits. Do we really need this?

The app was developed by students at the Institute of Technology of New Jersey, and it is expected that in the course of this year, to be launched for Android and iOS.


apps raras

Ever wanted to keep a record of your stool? No, maybe not or yes? This application is really disturbing, because it allows users to save records on their droppings through the use of photographs to compare with other users. In addition, if they wish, users have the possibility of sharing their results on social networks. “What we always needed! -Said no one ever.

666 Illuminati app


The Illuminati have always generated great intrigue; it is a secret society of the age of Enlightenment which he manifested to oppose the religious influence and the abuses of power of the state.

However, the conception of this organization has completely changed; now, there are already people accused of controlling world affairs, plan events and be agents of planting in various governments and companies with the aim of establishing a New World Order to find the increase in their political power. An application called Illuminati 666 came to be available for Android for $ 500.

To download it, users were redirected to the supposed official website of the secret society, although prior to that nothing had to fill out certain filters and not all were accepted. It was said that only a few were chosen and that they could not disclose any of the information or, otherwise, they would be given a strong punishment.

Sleep Bot

sleep bot

With this application you can monitor your movements via a sensor, in addition to that you will hear if you talked about during the night and, if getting up is a sacrifice for you, you’ll be able to set an alarm. If you sleep with someone, perhaps the simplest is that a person will tell you if you slept well or poorly, but in the event that you’re just… Sleep Bot could be ideal.

In addition, with the recorder you’ll be able to know if roncaste, if you talked with a ghost, or if you simply enjoy making strange sounds. Whether for simple curiosity, or to know what is what happens when you sleep and do something about it. Can you imagine to leave running this app and listen to recordings listen to a ghost? Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

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