The 5 applications that can not miss in your smartphone

Smartphones have changed our life in many ways, some for good and others for evil, but it is certainly a technological tool indispensable in full by 2018, at least for the majority of people in the world.

But if smartphones have taken so much relevance in our day-to-day it is thanks to the applications that can be installed, hence that every operating system should offer a good amount of applications to its users.

Well, in this occasion I will tell you what are the 5 applications that can not miss in your smartphone, some are available on Android and iOS, and other way exclusive to Android, however, you can find some similar option in iPhone.

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This recommendation is personal, so I’m not saying that they are the best applications in the world or that offer something that it has never really been seen, but it seems to me that they are the best in their field, that is to say, between several rivals are the ones that stand out for their design, performance, options, and ease of use.

You will not find in this list are applications like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Spotify, Google Calendar, or Gmail, but are applications that maybe have never seen before or heard of them and sure you have to try.


Download in Android.
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The managers of passwords today are very necessary, the majority of the users does not give them the importance they deserve, especially because they use the same password for almost all their services on the Internet, but it is important that at least the password of your most important accounts are different, otherwise you could jeopardize your personal information.

RememBear is one of the best managers of passwords that I have seen, it is very clean, easy to use, and above all safe. Was released this year in its stable version, since for months already could be found in beta version.

Has a free version and another payment, the payment obviously gives you some important benefits, but with the free version can also be happy.

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Exclusive Android.

MacroDroid is one of those apps that every Android users should have in their cellular, however, very few know it. Its operation is similar to IFTTT, but without being as social, and much more customizable, that is to say, you can create your own settings to make the phone do what you want based on what happens, for example, to turn off the Bluetooth when you turn off your headset, turn on the WiFi to get to work, etc

MacroDroid has an endless number of options, and it can work for any type of user, from the one who wants to turn on the flashlight of your phone by shaking the machine to which you want to send an SMS for help to a family member when you press the button three times to switch off.

The app is available for iOS, but failing that you can download IFTTT. MacroDroid features a free and paid version, so that is not a problem if you prefer to use the options available in the version without cost.

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The slogan of Citymapper is “The app final transport”, and the truth is that it is so, for those of you not familiar with this application as it is like Google Maps, but much more focused on public transportation routes, and clear that it leaves far behind Google Maps in this section.

With Citymapper I’ve come to many places on public transport with luxury of detail and without any major problem, in the case of Mexico City it has all kinds of transport, from the metro, suburban, bus, light rail, ecobici, among others, as well as you can get to any part without any problems.

Firefox Focus

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Google Chrome is the browser most used in the world, it is even one of the options I use day-to-day, however, if you are looking for a browser focused on simplicity, speed and privacy, then you can not stop Firefox Focus side.

Its main virtue is the privacy, because this browser prevents you to be tracked by web sites or by your Internet service provider, in addition to of which boasts of being one of the safest on the market.

It seems to Me that this browser should be installed on your phone but don’t use it often, as you never know when you’ll need to navigate the Internet in a private way, especially knowing that the Incognito Mode of Chrome is not as private as we would like.

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Exclusive Android.

Last but not least we have to Datally, one of the latest applications developed by Google which is certainly of great help in our day-to-day, especially in what refers to the consumption of the Internet.

Datally you know our consumption of the Internet in WiFi or mobile networks for application, this way we can identify when any of them is making excessive use of our Internet connection, which can lead to end quickly our rate of data.

With this application we can also activate the mode of saving data in general, or, for one application in specific, this way we will reduce our consumption of the Internet in a major way, leaving our megas for the services you use the most.

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The application has no cost but is available exclusively for Android devices. and Partners.

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