The 5 most powerful Families that control the world to their whim

As we grow, we begin to understand that the major governments do not share the same interests as us. Suddenly, the enemies of the main states coincide suspiciously with the enemies of the elite corporate and banking world.

Those who control the global economy are really the ones who have the power, and it is clear that the fate of the more than 7,400 million people that inhabit this planet do not care at all, in the best of cases.

Of all the elite we can find in the top of the food chain, so to speak, only a few families have the power to control the domestic and foreign policies thanks to the profit of the wars, the military industry, and pharmaceutical, and, of course, the banks.

These are the five most influential families on the planet:

5 – Rothschild Family

Las 5 Familias más poderosas que controlan el mundo a su antojo

Although there are those who date back to its origin rather more back, officially this dynasty began in the mid EIGHTEENTH century with the figure of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a banker of German jewish origin.

Considered by the magazine ‘Forbes’ as “the founding father of international finance”, Mayer helped to develop the modern banking, introducing concepts such as diversification, rapid communication, confidentiality and high volume.

Since then, the Rotschild have remained at the pinnacle of society. In fact, one of the things that characterize this family is that not only have they managed to make with a wealth and influence huge, but they have been known to keep them for a very long time.

Las 5 Familias más poderosas que controlan el mundo a su antojo
Everett Historical /Shutterstock. Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812).

Thanks to the loans provided to regimes at war and the cotton trade, weapons, and wheat during the napoleonic wars, the Rothschilds managed to consolidare in political circles important and exert influence on government affairs.

It is rumored that even today, influence heavily on the Federal Reserve of the united States and in the finance uk.

The estimates of the net worth of the Rothschild family vary greatly, in part because Mayer Amschel gave in his will an inheritance structure exclusively male.

In addition, the large number of members of the family and locations of the financial and business transactions which make the assessment of the totality of the family’s wealth is virtually impossible.

4 – Rockefeller Family

Las 5 Familias más poderosas que controlan el mundo a su antojo

The empire Rockefeller formed its foundations in the late NINETEENTH century, when, following the purchase of the oil refinery largest in Clevelan in 1865 and the subsequent formation of the company ‘Santard Oil Company’, they were able to amass about 90% of the refineries americans.

To seize the market monopoly, the company of the empire Rockefeller did it all.

During a trial of 1908, the dubious practices of Standard Oil came to light and the Rockefeller ended up being accused of crushing competition, enriched with the discounts from railroads, bribing employees to spy on competing companies, of making secret agreements and force their rivals to join the Standard Oil Company under threat of being forced out of the business.

Las 5 Familias más poderosas que controlan el mundo a su antojo
Wikipedia. Refinery of Standard Oil No. 1 in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1889.

At the time of the death of John D. Rockefeller, jr. in 1937, his assets equaled 1.5% of the total economic output of the united States, a fortune that today would be equivalent to 340.000 million dollars, four times more than what Bill Gates had in 2014.

Other estimates claim that the value of the Rockefeller is approaching the 400,000 million dollars, but considering the business practices that they performed, it is difficult to believe that part of the fortune remained hidden from the public.

In addition to founding and participating in groups such as the Bilderberg, the Rockefellers have created foundations, and other agencies, for example the Trilateral Commission, for allegedly maintaining control of the world governments and increasing his empire.

3 – Family Morgan

Las 5 Familias más poderosas que controlan el mundo a su antojo

Since I was a boy, Morgan wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father in the banking sector, it is for this reason that the time would end up forming the ‘J. P. Morgan & Company’ in 1895, a financial company that had a fundamental role in the economic development of the united States, and in consequence, in the whole world.

It is said that this banker succeeded in lifting the u.s. economy by organizing a syndicate of bankers (including Rothschild), with the goal of selling bonds to american and to be able to buy gold to foreign investors, thus avoiding the collapse of stocks of the american giant.

With this exchange of gold and bonds, Morgan controlled the gold supply of the united States, which allowed him to finance the purchase of the ‘U. S. Steel’ for a price higher than the total budget of the government of the united States. After he threatened Westinghouse with a lawsuit for patent infringement, Morgan gained control of the emerging industry of electric light and he founded ‘the General Electric’.

Las 5 Familias más poderosas que controlan el mundo a su antojo
Brinton, Willard Cope. Influence of JP Morgan in the big corporations, 1914.

This style of a mafia made even acuñase the term “morganization” to refer to those unethical practices that can often be seen in the business world.

The attempts at getting benefits while exercising influence did not end there. Various versions suggest that Morgan had much to do in the decision of the united States entering the First World War. In a subsequent investigation, it was revealed that the united States had entered the First World War, not by political concerns, but for the benefit of the industries and banking arms.

Us banks, including Morgan, have paid 100 times more money to the allies than to adversaries, and to protect those loans, the financial urged that it would come to the aid of their allies joining the war.

2 – Family Du Pont

Las 5 Familias más poderosas que controlan el mundo a su antojo

Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours was a French economist whose political views led him to be imprisoned during the French Revolution.

From there he escaped when he had opportunity, and in 1799, already in the “new world”, founded a company of gunpowder that was to become the main provider of the u.s. government. Its dominance in the industry of the powder was such that during the first world war provided nearly 40% of all the munitions used by the allied forces.

Its suppliers of military munitions were expanded and played a key role in the development and production of the ‘Manhattan Project’, dedicated to the creation of the first atomic bomb that the united States, which used to decimate Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War.

Las 5 Familias más poderosas que controlan el mundo a su antojo
Of Ukexpat

It is rumored that due to the patents that are obtained from materials such as kevlar, teflon or nylon, managed to ban hemp, a material that could become competition.

Its expansion would go to the food market, consolidating its position today as the second largest producer of soy and transgenic corn. According to ‘Forbes’, the family Du Pont was the first american family to accumulate more than a billion dollars.

1 – Bush Family

Las 5 Familias más poderosas que controlan el mundo a su antojo

The last lineage of the list owes its origin to the banker and u.s. senator Prescott Sheldon Bush (grandfather of George Walker Bush), who, along to the US government, was accused of having profit from politically and economically with the Second World War.

In 2004, it even came to light at the National Archives that showed that even after America had entered the war, Prescott Bush worked and did big business with the companies that financed the rise of Hitler to power.

The succession of events morally questionable, they have made the Bush family never grant him much recognition ethical. Nor would it change too much the situation after his son, George H. W. Bush, or his grandson to take the government of the country. With the passing of the years, the Bush got to do business around the oil texan and financial investments in the military industry (which have been activated from the power), which have led them to be placed today as one of the most powerful families in the world.

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Source: The Free Thought Project, Pajamas Surf

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