The low sales of the HomePod concern to Apple

The HomePod is the first speaker “smart” in Apple, and I say intelligent because it includes Siri, although we must recognize that it is far behind Amazon Echo and Google Home in terms of artificial intelligence is referred to, and perhaps the only thing interesting about this product is the quality of audio that presumed, because from then on out is not the most economic option, interesting, or powerful.

It is important to mention that the HomePod is presented in September 2017, along with the iPhone X, but did not reach the market until the month of February of this year, and the market launch were united States, United Kingdom and Australia, so that they did not take advantage or the holiday season or the extensive list of countries where Apple sells its products.

And despite the fact that during his first weekend on the market, the sale of this product got 72% of the benefits of the market, the reality is that today’s sales have been much lower than expected and it is likely that Apple will reduce production due to the low commercial success of his HomePod.

As mentioned by Bloomberg, the current benefits of the HomePod fell by up to 19%, however, the firm is making more money with each HomePod sold that what they earn Google and Amazon with their speakers, though we must not leave aside that the products of these last two companies cost less than $ 100, while the HomePod has a price of $ 349, that is to say, about 6 thousand 500 pesos mexican.

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On the other hand, the HomePod currently occupies 10% market share, while the Amazon Echo covers 73% and the Google Home 14% according to figures from Slice Intelligence, and according to one research firm, some workers of the stores of Apple have stated that sold less than 10 HomePod to the day.

Homepod mercado

Or improves or disappears

Apple must learn from their mistakes, and the functions of the HomePod should be more attractive if they want to win market share, because as I mentioned in the beginning, the HomePod has the wizard intelligent least intelligent of all the that are there in the market, as Google and Amazon are far ahead in this field than Apple.

This could be one of the reasons why Apple hired the head of artificial intelligence at Google, because Siri needs to improve so that the HomePod is more attractive and intelligent.

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On the other hand, the Apple Watch also was in its time a start is disconcerting, and as of today is the smartwatch more successful on the market, so that the HomePod can still straighten the road, although I doubt that reaches to exceed the market share of Amazon, which is by far the speaker is intelligent for excellence in the market.

What is also a fact, is that in the case of the HomePod does not rebound and be a strong competitor of the Google Home, and Amazon Echo, then you might also see his end prematurely in the market.

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