The five features of Waze that may not know

Today, we have multiple tools that facilitate the everyday life, especially those applications of mobility with which we can guide you to go to certain destinations or routes. Google Maps or Waze are some of the most popular examples that have as objective help users that their routes are more enjoyable; showing ways more simple or teaching the most congested areas.

Waze employs great efforts to go beyond what is monotonous; that is to say, not satisfied with the basic functions of mobility, but always try to integrate fun features so that users do not feel that it is a torture having to spend hours in the traffic.

Below, we show you 5 features that integrates Waze and that perhaps you did not know.

Do not forget your child in the vehicle

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Yes, we know that sounds strange, but there are parents that by being busy in other things, forget their children inside the vehicle. Thus, Waze has a feature to send a reminder with the aim that the people who most want not to run any risk by any distraction regrettable. To leave somebody in a car could be unsafe and also risky if the day is hot. You just have to press the magnifying glass that is located in the lower left corner of the interface to select the gear configuration. Later, you go to advanced settings/General/Reminder child.

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Only alerts

There are users who are uncomfortable with the voice of the virtual assistant within the app, while for others it is a great chance to be listening instead of looking at the device during a journey. However, the members of the platform have the possibility of choosing only between listening all the time, the voice, or enable only the alerts that will be good to know if there is traffic in a certain area, or a parking place.

Listen to music and look at a map it is possible in a single application

Waze and Spotify teamed up to be able to musicalizar journeys in a simple manner on all users. This alliance serves for people to receive instructions from your route directly on the platform without having to switch between applications. Notifications of route appear at the top as a banner without interfering with the interface of the service streaming music.

In the top right, you will see an icon for Spotify you only have to press to be able to synchronize both applications. When everything is ready, you will see a bar at the top of Waze that lets you control to choose your favorite music.

Avoid fines by excess of speed

Something that is truly remarkable in this application, is the fact that it shows the maximum speeds that you can go in certain areas with the aim that the authorities will not go to catch, especially if we find ourselves in unfamiliar places in which we are ignorant of their rules of the road. This function is useful for controlling our paths. You can set the application to warn you when you’re going on the limit. Just go to Settings/Speedometer/Play the alert sound.

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Find parking

When you program a destination, the app automatically tells you where you can park your vehicle. It is a great tool that will help us, if we are in the days congested or have a lot of hurry to get there, but we do not know where to leave our vehicles. Waze will take you to the parking place as a stop, without leaving aside your final destination.

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