The best photos of the 2017, according to the contest ” Siena International Photo Awards

Siena International Photo Awards is one of the great photo contests international. In 2017 there were about 50 thousand images of amateur and professional photography of 161 countries in the world. chose the representatives to the brightest in every category. Take a look and enjoy.

“The beauty of the sea ice,” Roy Galits (Israel)

“Superman, Jason O’brien (USA)

“Red layer”, Mohammad Awadah (Kuwait)

“Mediterranean,” Enrico Fossati (Italy)

“What do you want?”, Henryk Spranz (Austria)

“A man working in a tea house”, Zijia Gong (China)

“Umbrella”, Petar Sabol (Croatia)

“Here I am”, Joao Taborda (Portugal)

“A crow in Lviv”, Jack Savage (Great Britain)

“Bottom view”, Sergey Gorshkov (Russia)

“Between my” thoughts”, Ali Al-Zaidi (Kuwait)

“Ludovico”, Pedro Armestre (Sweden)

“Abuna Yamata Gukh”, Karl Avery (Great Britain)

“Fishing with a lamp”, Emmanuel Rondo (France)

“The other Cuba”, Paulo Ferrera (Italy)

“At the end of the world”, Alessandra Menisonzi (Switzerland)

“The eyes of the protester”, Jonathan Bachmann (USA)

“Go to the leopard”, Ami Vitale (USA)

“The people of Mari, beauty pagan”, Raffaele Petralla (Italy)

“The beach of the cranes”, Randy Olson (USA)

Does the work of which photographer you liked the most?

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