The best photos urban 2017, according to the contest LensCulture Street Photography Awards

The urban photography rapidly gaining popularity, which verifies the international competition LensCulture Street Photography Awards, which featured the participation of photographers from different parts of the world. shares with you the works of the finalists who caught the best moments from the bustling cities.

“Small onion”. Artyt Lerdrakmongkol (Thailand)

“Streetmax 21”. Jim Casper (Great Britain)

“Havana alone.” Rémy Soubanére (France)

“Pause”. Etienne Buyse (Belgium)

“New York city exhausted.” Cyndi Goretski (USA)

“Geometry and color”. Jolanta Mazur (Malaysia)

“Passengers of the subway of the SIXTEENTH century”. Matt Crabtree (Great Britain)

“Insured”. Dougie Walles (Great Britain)

“Light phase”. So Kraipuk (Thailand)

“Days of diamonds”. Manuel Armenis (Germany)

“Co-existence”. Enamul Kabir (Bangladesh)

“The sentiments of Vincent”. Alexandre Grand (Brazil)

“Off the street”. Swarat Ghosh (India)

“While the whole world loses.” David Barrett (Great Britain)

“Mexico”. Hélene Antorini (Switzerland)

“Red lips”. Rudy Boyer (France)

“Blow”. Irfan Licina (Serbia)

“Human look”. Moin Ahmed (Bangladesh)

“Revolution of umbrellas”. Paul Weber (Hong Kong)

“Deals closed”. Joseph Cheung (Malaysia)

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