The worst applications you can install on your phone

Some days ago I recommended some apps that could not miss on your cell phone, this due to its function, design and utility. Today also I give you a recommendation but with the apps that you should not have installed on your phone, this is because they are not optimized, or not have great utility, however, many users download these apps daily for your devices.

Facebook and Messenger

Facebook is one of the most downloaded apps in the Play Store and the App Store, is the social network most used in the world, so in part it is obvious that it is so. However, Facebook is an application that spends a lot of system resources, especially battery, and it is that strangely enough, the developers of Facebook have never managed or wanted to make the app have an outstanding performance in Android, and although iOS performs better, the reality is that none of the two OS, we can say that Facebook is an application well-optimized.

In Android and iOS we can use the web version from the browser, we can even create a shortcut to our start screen that works as an application, although it will always be the web version. This is what I recommend if you’re not using Facebook to a great extent, but if you’re a fan of the social network, then unfortunately you will have to install the application, as many functions are not available on the mobile web version.

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With Messenger, something that is very similar, but in Android we can find Messenger Lite, while iOS is only the most complete version available in the App Store.


With the whole issue of security and the attacks that have been presented in recent years, surely someone has recommended to install an antivirus, however, you don’t need one, not for Android or iOS.

This at least for the common users, who only download apps from official stores, they commonly are not downloading any type of file from any website.

The reality is that you can avoid this type of applications, in addition, if you install apps official you have another type of good practices that are either not very complicated to follow. For example, if you download APK from sites such as APK Mirror, if you visit and download files from secure web sites identified by your Internet browser such as Google Chrome then you will not have problems.

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In Android it is common that the malware is distributed through fake apps that are downloaded from web sites fake, so beware, and download applications from APK Mirror or the Play Store, while on iOS I see totally unnecessary to install an antivirus if you don’t download files from web sites little popular.

Optimizers of RAM and battery

One of the great deceptions in regards to the applications are the optimizers of RAM and battery, because the reality is that its performance is deceptive, and far from fulfilling its purpose most only harms you. I understand that became popular several years ago, when computers had little RAM and battery, but the truth is that today in day are not necessary.

Android and iOS have their own tools by default to optimize the battery of your computer, so that it is not necessary to install additional applications to do this. The same thing happens with RAM, as in the case of Android is the system itself that stops some applications in the background when you identify that are not necessary to then allow other applications to function, however, these so-called “Task Killer” or optimizers of RAM what you do is to close applications in the background, something not recommended by two things; the Android will open up a large part of the closed process, and therefore the battery will run out much faster.

The reality is that most of these applications only deceives the user, so that it is not recommended to install on iOS we see a few options, but in Android abound, so if you have any on your phone, what is best desisntalarla. and Partners.

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