The people who follow these 20 rules can boast a perfect posture

Don’t try to transform you instantly. Begins slowly. To have a good posture it could take several years, but there are ways to correct it., we prepared an article on this topic. I Enderézate and let’s begin!

  • One of the most important aspects of a beautiful posture is the internal control. Imagine you are stretching a strong thread from the nape to the cóxis and don’t stop to think about this. This method of display adjusts effectively correct posture
  • The weight of the body has to equlibrarse evenly on both legs, that is why it is always advisable to plunge the abdomen. If you find it difficult, try to practice the exercise “vacuum abdominal”: position yourself face up, exhale sharply with the mouth and contains the breathing. Simultaneously with the out-breath, sinking to the maximum the stomach, and remains motionless for 15 seconds and then relax slowly muscles. Take a break and repeat again.
  • Whatever you do, your back always has to be straight. To take the correct position you have to stand for a couple of minutes curled up to the wall with the back of the neck, the calves, the buttocks and the entire surface of the scapula. Such an exercise contributes to a sense of balance in the body.
  • The most effective method to correct posture is swimming, since it moves all the muscles of the back, press and arms. Thanks to this, it strengthens the corset of muscle and as a result the back is more straight.
  • When driving, it is very important to maintain a correct posture. Adjust the seat so that your feet can reach the pedals without tilt. Arrímate with the neck and the nape of the neck to the headrest and with the back to the back of the seat.
  • Of course, it is good that you are a “star” in bed, but it is not considered as an perfect position for sleeping. It is better to sleep on the side, with the legs a little bent, since this position protects your spine from the stress and is one of the most healthy for her. Also, such a position helps to prevent snoring and breathe easier.
  • The yoga classes will be very helpful for you, as it will help you to relax your body, each muscle in your body, particularly the spine. It is fairly easy to endrezar your posture through yoga, in addition to helps you to relax and always be in a good mood.
  • Start your day with the posture straight. When you get up out of bed, stretch and then make your back take a correct position. A good start to the day is to make the first steps to have good posture.
  • To the extent possible, try to cook sitting without bending over the table.
  • If your activity involves remain constantly standing, try to sit down every two hours for a couple of minutes so that the spine to relax.
  • Try to sit on the edge of the chair, and then relax the back. How did it turn out well? We doubt. It is a perfect way of self-control.
  • Just the right height to use the ironing board is 10 to 15 centimeters above the elbow, so setting it up this way.
  • So that your back can relax, do exercise “cat stretch”: supports the knees on the floor, arching his back upwards trying to reach the chest with the chin. Then, do it upside down bringing shoulder blades and lifting the chin upwards. Repeat this exercise 10 times and you will feel the relief.
  • Instead of tilting your head towards your cell phone, hold it up to eye level. This will reduce the tension and pressure in the cervical ganglion.
  • It is better to take two bags in the store in place of a and distribute the products in a proportionate manner.
  • Beauty requires sacrifice, but it is not necessary to spend all day with high heels posts. Carry a pair of comfortable shoes to change into at any time.
  • Lifehack of models: put books on top of your head. Take a book large and thick, place it over your head without throwing it away. It is necessary to practice it. This will not only improve your posture, but also your gait.
  • Often carry a bag on the shoulder for a long time. This will also have a spinal curvature, so don’t forget to change the bag from shoulder.
  • Set alarm clock or reminder on your phone for every hour under the title: “Keep back straight”.
  • Don’t be shy! Often the main reason is the lack of confidence in oneself. It is easier to hide in a armor an imaginary as if you were a turtle, sinking the head by tightening the shoulders, and try not to attract too much attention.
  • But especially an upright posture, a look a little gaudy and the absolute confidence in your movements and not allow people to notice your socks are broken or that placket old that you’d rather hide.

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