The prisons most curious and strange of the world

Small, family, luxury, famous… if you think that all prisons are the same, you are wrong. When we talk about prisons, the first image that comes to mind is a dark cell, damp and small size. However, there are prisons that have nothing to do with this idea that we have.

In will show you the prisons more curious of the world. Read on and know what it is that makes it special to each prison.

Prison Sark (Guernsey)

This prison, built in 1856, is the world’s smallest, since you only have space for two prisoners. It is a detention cell where prisoners may only be two days. Today, it continues to work, especially to accommodate visitors or seasonal workers drunk.

Prison San Pedro (Bolivia)

In this prison, the prisoners have jobs inside the facility, pay or rent their bedrooms, and often live with their family members. Here, the inmates have developed their own laws and rules. Every sector (of the eight that exist) elects annually a leader delegate and a treasurer. The prisoners who have money live very well in this prison.

Prison Justizzentrum Leoben (Austria)

The building is more like a library, a modernist than to a prison. This building was designed in 2004 and is considered a prison of luxury or five star. This prison is surrounded by green areas, abundant natural light, a courtyard and balconies with balusters. Each prisoner has a place to live even with their own kitchenette.

Prison Halden (Norway)

This jail is considered to be the most human of the world, and is that the only difference with living in the outside is the lack of freedom. In this prison there are no bars on the windows or fences electrified. There is also no surveillance cameras and the guards do not carry weapons. Conflicts are resolved by discutiéndolos and not by force, this is because the guards and prisoners live together 24 hours a day, and can quickly solve any problem that arises. The inmates of Halden should use their time in prison by choosing between work or training, in this way, you will have an easier reintegration into the society when they meet their doom.

Prison Alcatráz (California)

It is the most famous of all the prisons, and has even inspired a movie. It was a maximum security prison from 1934 to 1963. Their closure was mainly due to the bad reputation following the famous “Escape from Alcatraz”, where Frank Morris and the brothers’anglin staged in 1962 the flight with the most intrigue of the story. If you visit it, you can see the cells of these prisoners that escaped, and even the dolls that were created to fool the guards.

Prison Cebu (Philippines)

This prison in the philippines was known for its program of rehabilitation of prisoners through the dance between 2005 and 2010. Currently, the prisoners are engaged to prepare for shows and performances during the greater part of their time under the supervision of the director of the prison. In the photo above, the prisoners are dancing to the song “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

Prison of Bastoy (Norway)

It is a prison of low security which occupies the whole of the island of Bastoy. It is a prison eco-friendly with solar panels and outdoor activities. The prisoners can move around with total freedom all over the island, living in huts, learn trades and work in workshops or on farms.

The prison is considered a great model of social reintegration, as the recidivism rate does not exceed 16%.

Prison Kresty (Russia)

Is the jail most overcrowded. With a seating capacity for 3,000 prisoners, and is home to at least 10 000. The prison was one of the first buildings in Russia that used electric lighting, ventilation systems and central heating. In 2016, Vladimir Putin decided that the building was moved to the outskirts of St. Petersburg due to the celebration of the World cup 2018. It is possible for tourists to visit this prison.

As you have read, not all of the prisoners serving time in the same conditions. Did you even know these prisons? Have you visited any of them? It tell us in the comments!

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