Social networks and the agony of love

Yes, it is clear that the way of interacting with the environment has evolved completely with the technological advancement; this is not news, but yes, I would like to comment on some aspects that seem to me to be alarming, not because we put them at risk, but are part of our reality, and that is more terrifying…

Well, they say that the technology closer to those who are far away that are close by, as is also a fact that humanity is tools that these, in turn, are to humanity. The society will always seek all possible ways to facilitate all type of problem through the technology, no matter if it is a situation sentimental.

Currently, there are multiple applications with which the users can connect to participate arbitrarily on a date for fun, or looking for love, or feeling loved… and it’s not wrong; I’m not here to judge. What does alarm me is the alienation, the need and obsession that we feel to be interacting on social networks.

Being in constant contact with family and friends, I have been able to observe that social networks play a fundamental role in the life, including mine, do not believe that I am the exception to the rule. I have noticed that a simple “like” is already reason enough to be happy all the day, or to detonate the end of the world.

Observe an interesting person, far away, just stayed in that; in the thought, or at the risk of starting to talk. Now, just do a thorough research to know their name, enter their profile, know their tastes, strengths and even weaknesses.

What kind of person are you on Instagram?

All this complex ritual of wanting to experience a person, has vanished. Taking the other person’s information in mind, you have two: or you take the risk of trying something, or simply lose interest because everything is enigmatic, is uprooted when inquiring a little in the social networks.

Also something that I find really nauseating is the fact that, assuming that you want to try something with someone, you are looking for your social networks, make a deep research, notes that the person has had certain couples, or have experienced things that perhaps you had never imagined… automatically build a mental image with which we started sabotearnos.

Without knowing the other person, almost know all of it; we begin to compare ourselves, to feel that they might not cover the same needs that covered his ex-partner, or that we may not be as risky because we don’t have a photo on Instagram climbing a mountain.

We began with thousands of questions without even begin. We asked thousands of things without having the opportunity to let everything flow or even having a simple conversation with the person that we are interested in. We see that the other person gave “like” to someone else, and for us, this is already the end of the world; we are thousands of ideas in our head that shouldn’t exist, and, worst of all, is… That we haven’t even met the other person!

Call me dramatic, but I think it’s alarming how so accelerated, in which people want to live without afford to feel, although, ironically, it has all the need to find someone. Social networks could work as a kind of catalogue in which you have the possibility to choose-to rule out who is present and why it is not surprising to see this kind of reality reflected in a Black Mirror.

Do not answer your stories on Instagram super interesting about what you ate in the morning? Oops, bad luck… not interested for anything; it is more, you give him disgust. I know, that sounds absurd, but the reality is that we’ve all had that strange feeling of wanting absolute attention and say that no, my respects.

But, what is it you really want?, Do a reaction with an emoji clapping?, What a heart? What this really is a sign of affection? I come to mind a thousand things and it worries me a little with what we settle and don’t get me wrong… all displays of affection deserve to be respected, but what is respectable to feel ones with a emoji?

Maybe, maybe this will never change; on the contrary, will continue to transforming, for good or for bad… who knows and maybe the only thing that remains is resignation, but I stand firm with the true belief that we should leave to submit to the sale or cease to create a whole database in our head at the time to get to know someone. We should stop feeling fear and let the moments speak for themselves. No good to stay stuck in the past because in the end, the sum of the decisions are the ones that we build and it doesn’t that we live dismayed about the interaction we have with others; the true rigor is in the personal living.

Social networks are very useful for many aspects, but we become useless when we do not use them properly. This is a simple flute, but I would like you to share your opinion about social networks and interpersonal relationships.

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