Lexi and Danny Reed told honestly how they managed to get down to 181 pounds between the two

This story began 2 years ago and makes 181 kilograms, when a newly-married couple Lexi and Danny Reed spent all his free time in the armchair, consuming up to 8000 calories each. In that moment, Lexi weighed about 220 kg and her husband, Danny, 127. Although they were far from the standards of beauty, they loved each other and wanted to have a child. However, this was impossible: because of the overweight, both had health problems that prevented them from having children. It was then when Reed decided to change their lives.

In Great.guru we admire the tremendous strength of will of this couple and share with you his inspiring story in photos.

On the day of your wedding Lexi and Danny were the happiest people in the world and the weight does not matter at all.

Family life did not change their diet: they were eating out or calling for pizza and other junk food at home.

Lexi and Danny never asked each other to change something about their physical appearance.

But the life of the couple was not so nice: due to the overweight, in his house all the time was breaking one or other piece of furniture, and every out was accompanied with glances juzgadoras of others.

Only after several failed attempts to get pregnant and after a medical consultation, Lexi and Danny began to change their lives once and for all.

To begin with, they changed their attitude towards the food.

From then on, on your table only appeared dishes prepared at home that had the calories well calculated.

At the same time, began to include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet.

After you have changed your diet, they decided to enroll in the gym.

Now even in the weekends the family Reed starts his day with a cardio routine of 40 minutes.

Lexi and Danny decided that every day spent in the chair away from his purpose. “Get up and work!”, they say each morning.

Lexi realizes that she has cellulite and excessive skin in the waist and in the abdomen, but loves her body because it is strong and is able to be changed.

“My body is my trophy and my skin is my scar of war”, you agree to proudly Lexi.

“Even when she weighed 200 kg me he loved me the same. He loved Me enough to be able to do what was for the health and to become a better version of myself,” remembers Lexi.

This couple not only changed their physical appearance, but that this common project made Lexi and Danny became even closer. Not only in the spiritual sense. “Danny couldn’t even hug me by the waist,” recalls with a smile the lady Reed.

Now Lexi weighs 82 kg and Danny, 87. They don’t think to stop at that, motivándose every day to each other to achieve new results.

When Lexi and Danny asked for some advice, they respond that the important thing is to be kind to yourself and appreciate all the good that you have.

These guys daily to inspire and support all those who have decided to lose weight.

Lexi and Danny know with all the certainty that they would not have achieved even a part of what you have now if it weren’t for the mutual support.

“Surround yourself with people who see the perfection in you, even if you yourself do not see it,” said the Reed.

What is it that you would like to change your life, but that you have not yet decided to do?

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