Cleaning for lazy people: 14 tips that will make your life more simple to always

Cleanliness and order is a guarantee of harmony in the house. But when you work until night and you still have to prepare the family dinner, take the dog out, do homework with the children and not to forget your other half, how can you do everything? prepared 14 simple tips that will help you to keep your home clean and in order. For those who do all with the maximum effort, even the cleaning, we have a bonus at the end.

1. Traces of dirty shoes

The solution is a tray for the shoes. And if your summer road trip you’ve found pebbles, sea but up to now do not know where to place them, you can decorate with them.

2. Soap everywhere

The solution is easy as pie. Purchase soap liquid in a pretty bottle. You won’t believe how much effort and time it saves this “replacement” is apparently small.

3. The dish washer is not for the frets

In the machine dishwasher may be soaked without danger brushes for makeup, children’s toys, rubber, pens, and even the sandals. By the way, you can put beans fruits and vegetables without fear.

4. Bedding for pets

Simply place a disposable diaper over the bed of your pet. This is comfortable and smooth as the place where he lies. But life can be simplified much more. It is much more convenient to buy a couple of diapers a week and change them when dirty. An owner dissatisfied will have a pet satisfied!

5. Wool of animals

The window cleaner is a perfect tool to clean the surface of carpets made of wool.

6. And a thousand rags for cleaning

For any surface is very comfortable and simple to use a quitapelusas for the clothes. It is incredibly effective to remove the dust and not only that. No need to wash or rinse anything, not be afraid of shaking in the ground.

7. A clean refrigerator forever

Paste plastic covers foods on the shelves of the refrigerator. Remove it when it becomes dirty, and your refrigerator will always be perfectly clean.

8. Tray greasy oven

It is the ideal solution. Simply, for the next time wrap the grill/tray with foil or baking paper. Don’t skimp any centimeter, you’ll thank yourself. After the preparation you can just throw away the foil and wash the tray.

9. Do not spend efforts on carving out the spots

Put the brush in the drill. Yes, in a simple drill. Let him spend his efforts. Why bother? In addition, almost everyone has a drill and use it only a couple times a year.

10. Dishes grocery

Organizes a Greek feast. Place a thin tortilla on a plate, and then all the rest of the meal. The dish only need to clean of the flour.

11. Have everything to hand

In order not to go back for the detergents needed for the cleaning, only placed immediately everything you need in a tupperware of plastic and carry it with you from room to room . You’ll save a lot of time and effort.

12. Windows clean without much work

Are you still using the weekend to wash all the windows of your house? We know how to do this in a couple of hours. In a liter of water diluted with a tablespoon of starch, clean the windows with this solution, rinse with a damp cloth and pat dry. Everything is ready to go!

13. Shiny mirrors

To return the shine to the mirrors will help you half of a potato. Rub the surface with a potato and then clean with a damp cloth until dry.

14. Ironing of garments of both sides at the same time

Wouldn’t you like to spend a lot of time ironing the clothes? Placed under the cover of the ironing board aluminum foil. The garments are plancharán by both sides at the same time.


Surely you know the power that music has. Each one of us has tunes for any mood. But it is in vain that there is a large amount of collections to run, do sports or relax. Create your own collection for easy cleaning and turn it into entertainment. – The more you deposit, the better!

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