Comes VBike, the new way to use bike sharing in Mexico

The startup mexican VBike has launched its new service of bike sharing in our country, which seeks to compete against other companies of your type, and particularly to provide a means of green transport to the capital’s different to what we are used to.

Why is it different?, Unlike other popular choices such as EcoBici, VBike does not have stations where they gather and to stop the bicycle, besides that everything works with your app for mobile devices, where you have to create an account or log in with Facebook to access the service.

Of time, the company has made available to 2 thousand bikes located in various colonies of the delegation Benito Juárez, however, have planned to place 50 thousand bikes throughout the country with the passage of time, and the main localities where we can find VBike will be Guadalajara, Monterrey, Metepec, Cancun, and Merida.

The service EcoBici is already integrated in electric bikes

Ricardo Perez Lara, CEO of VBike mentioned that they are extremely proud to be a mexican initiative that tackles the big asian companies with a large differentiator, the cultural knowledge of the users, who wish to be protagonists of a real change, that value the participation, the solidarity, the partnership, and who prefer to share than to possess.

To use the service simply download the app from VBike and sign, after that on the map you will see the bikes closest to your location. Once you arrive at the meeting point you will have to unlock the padlock on the VBike from the application, selecting the option that says “Unlock bike”, and the only thing you need to do is scan the QR code that is printed on the padlock that is located between the seat and the rear wheel, after that you can start your journey.

VBike candado

To conclude you will have to leave the bike in one of the hundreds of parking options available in the map app, you’ll need to re-close the lock and ready, you have nothing more to worry about.

The cost per trip is $20 MXN, however, the company also has plans of use per day and per year. The price of the annuity is $499 MXN, and we have contacted the company to clarify some doubts about the expansion of the service, as well as the time limit or travel set, so we will update the entry when we have such information.

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