Came Microsoft News, app news of Bill Gates Artificial Intelligence

The rise of news platforms are just waking up to another giant, because the company of Bill Gates has just released Microsoft News, your own app of news that uses artificial intelligence to keep timely informed of all their users.

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Microsoft News is available for web, Windows 10, iOS and Android, and will use all the infrastructure and resources of MSN, once the centre of an informative reference for millions of people around the world, to compete with the new services from Apple, Google, and the project Facebook Watch.

Among the media that will be available in the Microsoft News are USA Today, The New York Times, Fox News, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Le Monde, The Country, BBC News and several mexicans. In fact, Microsoft has ensured that it has over 3,000 partners media partners around the world that function as the source for your platform and that enable it to provide information in 140 countries and 28 languages. Now they will all be now available to the app.

This muscle certainly compensates for the arrival late Microsoft in the market for news apps, with a coverage higher than that of their competitors, in real-time. The app is already available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, although the site accounts with the option to send you a link to download direct to your cell phone.

Artificial intelligence to customize

You may think: “besides the convenience of an app, how do you difference Microsoft News MSN then?”. And you would have a excellent doubt. As the great differential of the application is its ability to customize its contents using artificial intelligence.

The Microsoft system to cure personalized content for users to analyze more than 100,000 news stories a day to determine their relevance, as the user accumulates time with the app.

The cherry on the cake is the dark mode of the application to facilitate the reading. Worthy be tested without a doubt.

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