I conducted an experiment and I let my daughter choose what to wear by itself

My name is Mary and I am the mother of two children: Victor a year and Heather is 8 years old. We have a daughter that is very active and cheerful, is a great fashionista and dreamer. I found it interesting to see what would happen if, during the 5 days allowed Heather to dress for herself and not the limited.

After all, my daughter is growing, she is developing her own taste and style, and our opinions are increasingly different. Especially for Great.guru, we accept an experiment, and this is what happened.


Mom: Today, Heather is your last day of the school year. She is studying in 1st grade and usually goes to the school dressed in uniform, but today children can get what they want. My daughter likes to study, but the school uniform, apparently, does not like much. Frankly, I am anxious to see what you are going to choose.

Heather: Mom never lets me bring accessories to school, but I like them both! I chose my necklace and glasses favorite: never before had I had the opportunity to dress so well to go to school.

Mom: Your t-shirt and leggings favorite, the Heather usually get to play in the yard. Of course, he wouldn’t have let go dressed in this way to classes. Although, in general, was excellent, but, in my opinion, the school uniform fits more to the study and imposes some discipline.


Mom: Today at school there will be a party in honor of the end of the school year. His younger brother helped him to choose the set; it seems that he likes more the case with “jewelry”.

Rosita: I Love this toy and it makes a long time that I want to show it to all my colleagues! Can I wear it in place of a handbag? And these boots that my mother bought me recently, but put it in the closet and still does not allow me to use them. Why do adults do this? But today, everything is possible!

Mom: it Was cool out, and it’s great that my daughter has been wearing a fur coat. In general, I’m surprised by the choice of Rosita. Hardly allow him to put on the boots, especially for the school festival, and bring a great toy white school does not seem to be the best idea. But I still like the way it wore: perhaps my daughter will become a stylist?


Mom: Today the friends called Heather to play in the park. It is true that once again had little luck with the weather. I wonder what you will choose today.

Heather: I’m willing to wear this jacket all day and even inside the house. Mom says that I can ruin in the park, but she is beautiful, isn’t it? And the shoes are different because the left shoe was dirty, and I had no time to wash it, so are the things!

Mom: Heather is very active, and their antics in the yard I try to choose appropriate clothing that can get dirty or break down without any remorse. On the other hand, it is clear that it wants to look gorgeous before her friends, that is why we both have to give in. But, what of the shoes, I was amazed!


Mom: on Thursday we decided to go to the movies, leaving home the baby with the grandmothers. Heather decided to find your old dress and turned all their clothes; I admit I was a little worried looking at it, but I got caught up in the process.

Heather: this Is my favorite dress from the times of the nursery! It is good that you have survived, as my mom divided among his acquaintances many of my dresses old, pregúntaselo to it.


Mom: our Heather, since I was more girl, she has always loved to invent clothing materials improvised for her and her dolls. Once you found a bag of trash, we made a couple of holes, and it turned out to be a top!

We found old photos, and Heather decided to go back to make the top that is so modern and eco-friendly. In addition, there is a reason: in the night, we have guests in our house.

Heather: In general, you do not need to buy clothes, I can make it myself. When I grow up, I want to be a designer and to please people with my ideas: I have many, I don’t mind to share them!

Mom: Heather, of course, is a dreamer amazing! Made a set very unusual, I like to dress myself. Two pairs of sunglasses: this is something new. Where did you take these ideas?

Heather: it Was the week most fun of my life! And if the first day was a little unusual, then became more interesting and fun. I would like that in the future my mother left me to get dressed on my own, it’s great!

Mom: of course, I knew that my daughter is very creative, but I never imagined it would be so much! I liked how you combined the clothes, and it is great not to be afraid to experiment and be herself. Maybe I should be more attentive to your desire to express themselves and show a greater understanding in the future.

This experiment was definitely beneficial for all, and Heather is already looking forward to the next week of self-government. Will soon go to camp: here you will have all the freedom you want!

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