The best of Xbox in the #E32018

Yesterday Xbox we are thrilled with their 50 games announced, some of whom will arrive this year to Xbox One, and others will be available in 2019. But besides Halo Infinite, Gears Of War 5, Forza Horizon or Cyberpunk 2077, there are other things that have caught our attention at E3

One of them is the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which are designed for players with a disability, and whose idea we applaud Microsoft.

On the other hand we have Xbox Game Pass, which just announced improvements to the day of yesterday, and which will be available very soon. What approximates the true Netflix of video games?

Obviously, the news about the fourth generation of the Xbox could not miss, where it was mentioned that Microsoft is already working on it, and that furthermore we will not see one, but several consoles. And is that along with the announced on Xbox Game Pass, and the words of Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, it seems that in a few more years there will be a Xbox with the ability to run games only from the Cloud.

Halo Infinite, Gears of War 5 and the best ads for Xbox in the #E32018

Let’s revisit the topic of video games, and that is that Microsoft started strong, showing a new trailer for Halo, the game that is expected to be launched next year. On the other hand we cannot leave aside another of the jewels of the crown as is Gears of War 5, which also showed an interesting trailer worthy of touching us.

But that’s not all, because next year we will see a Gears of War of funkos, and another for mobile devices, we don’t know exactly how it will be, but later we will have many more details.

And if Xbox started strong, the end was one of the best, as we met the new trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, a game which was spoken of for the first time makes 2077 days (completed yesterday), and that according to their creators, we cannot expect less of what lived in The Witcher.

Don’t miss all the details of what has been presented by Xbox-day of yesterday on this video and comment what was you most excited for the conference.

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