What they don’t have the iPhone XR and what does that “R”?

Apple unveiled their new products, and so it was that we met the iPhone XS , and iPhone XS Max, successor of the already very expensive (although very nice) iPhone X. we Also met the iPhone XR, which has the same processor A12 Bionic but at the same time some modifications that make it more economic. This became without a doubt the iPhone XR in the most interesting product of the Apple Event.

However, we come to some questions…. For example, what could mean the “R” in XR, or if not we are falling in a trap of marketing to not notice what you would be giving up.

What you do not have the iPhone XR compared to the other iPhone?

OLED screen

One of the attractions from the iPhone X (and now the XS and XS-Max) is your screen. And not that it is a full screen, of the tip-to-tip, but have the OLED technology (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) that allows the pixel to operate independently.

This has some advantages, for example it makes the black look really black, because it’s literally what it is because that the pixels are turned off to achieve this(/lack of) color. For the same reason, it saves some battery.

Well, the iPhone XR does not yet use this technology in iPhone implemented since last year (and many other phone you already have for years). What you have in its place is an LCD display with a technology that was named Liquid Retina.

Telephoto lens

The iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and even the 8 Plus all have two cameras in the rear, one standard and one with optical zoom. This allows you to zoom in 2x without sacrificing quality and also is what allows the Portrait Mode of the iPhone.

By using two cameras at once, one with zoom, the iPhone can achieve or mimic the effect bokeh. That is to say, the (only) camera iPhone XR can’t do this, or at least in the same way, it does offer a Portrait Mode but less.

Stainless steel

The iPhone XR has a body of aluminum instead of stainless-steel of surgical quality. This may not matter much, but as we said at the beginning, at least you should know about it.


While the iPhone XR comes in a aplia range of colors, so you do not have are the options metal.

  • iPhone XR: Blue, coral, yellow, white, black, Project Network
  • iPhone, XS: Gold, silver, space gray
  • iPhone, XS-Max: Golden, silver, space gray


The economic model can reach up to 256 GB, while the other couple can have up to 512 GB.

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3D Touch

The iPhone XR is the only one of the three that does not include this system, but it’s not what you wonder, because in its place comes another technology called Haptic Touch, which in theory is less powerful but it surely will work better than the 3D Touch has ever worked. So this is not so bad.

And what does the R on the iPhone XR?

According to some rumors, the R might mean “Retina HD”. This explanation does not convince us, why would you put so when Apple well took note that Liquid Retina to the screen of this computer?

While many play to guess and to propose other names such as “Regular”, “Rational “or ” Redux”, Unocero already took care of contacting Apple Mexico to get a response.

While the information arrives warm from Cupertino, tell us what you think that means the “R”. And by the way, do you think that the iPhone is XR worth? We believe that it does, but we leave it to you, dear viewer.

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