4 scandals in technology that have marked the 2018

Still not finished the first quarter of the year and have already sparked several controversies around the world of technology. It all started with Snapchat and its announcement on gender-based violence with Rihanna, after the accident the autonomous car of Uber, going to the puntuaje social in China and ending with the scandal of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.

These three months have given a lot to talk about in different countries of the world, as different technology companies have hit the headlines of major media for their errors and controversies which by their own progress.

For this reason, we have compiled the 4 scandals technological most impressive so far this year:

Snapchat and gender-based violence

Snapchat is one of the companies that has gradually seen their problems in the market, because the copy function, and theft of users from Instagram have caused economic losses to the company in recent years. But if this outside little, the company has tried to dabble in the market as a hardware manufacturer throwing their glasses smart without success.

But one of the biggest problems for the company led by Evan Spiegel emerged few days ago with an ad within the social network in which they were involved Rihanna and her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

The problem was an ad that appeared to the users of the social network where you ask them what they preferred if given a punch to Chris Brown, or slapping Rihanna, a situation that is not liked to the user or the artist.

This caused the company’s stock fell 4% on the stock exchange, equivalent to 800 million dollars, in addition to that Rihanna asked her followers that were removed your account of Snapchat.

The company argued that this ad trivialises gender violence did not comply with their policies of publication, therefore, is to investigate what happened to prevent similar cases in the future.

Uber and the first fatal accident with an autonomous car

This is perhaps one of news most impressive of the last few months, since an autonomous car of Uber hit a woman in Tempe, Arizona, leading to his death moments after the crash.

The preliminary investigation by police determined that the accident could not be avoided even with the conduct of a human, however, the video of the accident published by the department of police has led to a debate on the Internet, since many users believe that a human yes I would have been able to avoid the accident, but the fact that the employee of Uber did not have the eyes set on the road caused this fatal accident.

Reveal video of the fatal accident of the autonomous car of Uber

The company has not issued comment on it, but has mentioned that she is willing to cooperate with the police and investigations at all times, however, has not yet been determined the company’s liability in the accident, that in the event of being found guilty could change forever the future of autonomous cars.

Score social in China in the style of Black Mirror

Despite the fact that last year the chinese government announced the creation of a system of scoring social to the citizens, it was few days ago when the president of China, Xi Jinping, mentioned that it would be operational from may, and that all those with a low score could not climb on trains or planes for a year.

We know that China has one of the governments most demanding control and monitoring of its citizens, but this new system has aroused great controversy in the country, as the government will not share the information of how to check the actions of their civilians, they just receive a notification for all those that do not meet the score required to use this type of transport.

China already uses score social style of Black Mirror

The government mentioned that the actions that will lower the “score” of the citizens could be public scandals, to use tickets due, do not pay taxes in time and form, raise false alarms on terrorism, etc

In addition, the president of China mentioned that later on, the score social will be implemented to restrict access to other services, but gave no further information about it.

Facebook and the misuse of personal data

You likely already know what happened between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, and all the controversy that is behind the misuse of data of users of Facebook, a situation that has even generated a movement in social networks such as #DeleteFacebook, where characters such as the co-founder of WhatsApp have expressed their discontent with the social network by inviting users to delete their profile on this social network.

This is perhaps the biggest scandal to date in the history of Facebook, and although many users have minimized the case indicating that we all know that our data is used by Facebook to earn money, many others mention that we give permission to Facebook to sell, but not to outside companies to do so, as was the case of Cambridge Analytica.

The co-founder of WhatsApp will ask you to delete your account of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has already offered apologies and an explanation about it, mentioning that it will not happen again, but the damage is already done, and it is not the only issue that should be resolved by the company, as this problem also speaks to the lack of response of the company to curb the “fake news” that is found in droves in the social network, in addition to many sites of repute are leaving the Instant Articles to promote your content on Google News and its pages-AMP.

Recently the Director of Sefuridad of Facebook, Alex Stamos, has announced his departure from Facebook, mentioning that I was never happy with how the company handled its users ‘ data.

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