The scientists shared what personal items you should avoid sharing with others

From childhood, our parents have taught us that sharing is good, since it is the last treat or the emotions and deepest fears. However, when it comes to share some personal stuff, there is a marked line that should not be crossed for the sake of your own health. created a list for you of 8 things that you should avoid sharing. Even with your loved ones more nearby.

1. Hats

So it is: hats or anything that covers or touches your head (including brushes, combs and pillow cases). We believe that you are already familiar with the skill almost magical combs and brushes spread lice, especially in school. However the same unwanted guests in the scalp can come from sleeping on the pillow of another person or to use the hat of a friend.

So the next time you need to hide your head from the sun, make sure that the hat you use is yours.

2. Creams

Masks, serums or creams that come in a jar are items very personal to the care of the skin. While you soak your fingers repeatedly in it, there is the possibility of spreading bacteria, especially if you share it with a friend. This can lead to fungal infections or fungal, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis and many other skin problems. Don’t share your beauty products with no one to prevent numerous visits to the dermatologist.

One of the ways to protect your skin is to buy products in airtight bottles to avoid the crecimieto of bacteria.

3. Underwear or socks

If you share most of the things, then what is wrong in sharing your underwear? However, you must always remember that some areas of the body of the people are completamnte different. Share your underwear with your partner can cause infections of the urinary tract, a change of germs genitals, skin rash, and itching. In regards to sharing socks, can cause fungal skin, infections in the heel, hives, and itching.

Whether you stay one night or a long-term relationship, make sure you have enough socks and panties in your drawer.

4. Dental floss, toothpick or brush teeth

We can’t even imagine an article of hygiene more personal than a toothbrush. Doctors forbid to share them with any person. According to the American Dental Association, sharing a toothbrush could result in an increase in infections. A toothbrush average that has been used for three months, it could contain many bacteria such as E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and bacteria of the oral herpes.

Dentists advise to use a clean towel to brush the teeth in case of an emergency and never borrow the toothbrush of another person.

5. Razors

Razors for shaving are among the many products which should be reserved for only your personal hygiene. According to Dr. Feinberg, you should never share your razor with anyone because hepatitis and other diseases can be spread this way, in addition to the HIV virus. Many bacteria and fungi can develop in your razor, and cause a lot of problems in the skin.

Don’t forget to change your razor regularly and never, but never share it with another person. The dangers are real.

6. Pumice stone

Many people use pumice stone to exfoliate her feet and remove the dead cells of the skin. It is not what you want to catch other people. Right? Share with others, this stone increases the chance of getting warts, and foot fungus. These infections are highly contagious and are difficult to remove.

Always, try to bring your stone poméz for personal use if you are going to bathe in the homes of friends and avoids to share it with someone.

7. Earbuds and headphones

A very important element for every lover of the music are your headphones. However, persons rarely think about the fact that the headphones are covered in germs from surfaces that have come in contact. The growth of bacteria in them is a proven fact that should not be ignored. In addition to the bacteria of the ear is unique and no good can come of sharing it with friends.

If you want to share or lend your headphones to someone, make sure that they are clean. Otherwise, use a cotton ball to clean the surface with a spray disinfectant. Do not be too lazy to do so. Your health is at stake.

8. Sandals or flip-flops

Sandals are probably the best choice of footwear when it comes to spending time at the beach, pool or as part of gym locker. Many people share with relatives and see them as the most natural. However, a pair of flip-flops exposes your feet to dirt and germs that may contain several thousands of types of bacteria in them.

Protect your feet from infections unpleasant as plantar warts and athlete’s foot and never share them with anyone.

Have you ever shared any of the items listed above with your friends? We hope not. Tell us in the comments if you know of more things that should be reserved for individual use only.

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