Scientists explain the signals unusual that reveal if you are a smart person

The professors of the School of Medicine of Yale, Alan Kaufman and his wife Nadeen, helped to expand the field of the study of intelligence beyond traditional tests. In addition to the usual test of iq, based on contemporary theories of brain functioning, the intellectual level of a person, according to them, it can reveal signs of congenital and acquired habits, such as a disorder creative on the desktop or an addiction to online strategies. shows you today’s 10 signs that will help you discern if your inside is a true genius.

1. What are you wearing lenses?

Scientists from University of Edinburgh conducted a study where he thoroughly analyzed the genetic data of 300 000 people. In all, it was a clear pattern: the participants with a high level of intelligence had the probability of harboring a gene that causes the need to use lenses.

In addition, as indicated by the author of this work, Gail Davies, this study revealed many genetic differences associated with the mental abilities are inherited. On the other hand, some of the previous studies on this have shown that the society perceives people wearing glasses as a very intelligent, educated, reliable and honest.

2. It is not easy to distract you

People who can concentrate on a single task for a long time are more intelligent than others. Shy away from all the distractions and they shy away. Duje tadin herbs and teas, belonging to the University of Rochester, notes that the visual perception of people with a high iq is more discriminatory. You are able to see small objects in movement, but at the same time can fight against big movements that oscillate on the bottom where they are.

The ability to block out distraction can be useful in a world full of many raw data. A brain cash should be demanding to fight the noise of information.

3. You were breastfed

Various studies, carried out in Great Britain and New Zealand, suggest that children who were breastfed may be more intelligent than others. Two studies analyzed more than 3 000 people. Children taking breast milk scored nearly 7 points higher on tests that measure iq. So, we can say that breastfeeding positively affects not only the immune system and the health of the child, but also to their cognitive development.

4. You have a great sense of humor

Researchers from the University of New Mexico asked 400 students to write captions for a cartoon series. As a result, those who had a level of intelligence above the average were able to formulate creations narratives more fun.

Another study, published in the American Journal of Psychoanalysis, compared the coefficients of mental development among the comedians. It was discovered as well that had a result significantly higher than the average of the population. In particular, the comic male obtained average of 138 points, the female, 126.

5. You have a disorder creative in your work place

The experiment carried out by the University of Minnesota revealed that people, in a situation of disorder, were more likely to develop ideas more creative than if it was situated in a space carefully collected. The author of the study, Kathleen Vohs explains that a messy environment inspires a move away from the traditional solutions, which leads to produce new ideas.

Creativity is an inherent characteristic of intelligent people. As a general rule, these focus on the main problem, so that the order loses its importance to focus on what they occupy.

6. You draw, even when you’re simply thinking of something

Another habit characteristic of intelligent persons is to draw. According to Sunni Brown, author of The Doodle Revolution, the drawing is a thinking tool that can affect the processing of information and the consequent resolution of problems. This thesis is reinforced after the scientific research conducted in the United Kingdom, according to which the people were able to remember 29 percent more information if showed.

Your mind, unconsciously, works in the background, even if you’re not too focused on the problem. Draw without thinking also brings an advantage for memory: provides the brain a visual way of expressing concepts and emotions.

7. You talk to yourself

You can think of to whisper things to yourself makes you seem crazy, but, in reality, this is nothing more than a signal that immediately a higher level of intelligence, memory, and perceptual abilities. In a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin and the University of Pennsylvania, the scientists asked the participants to remember the word for then finding the objects. If you pronounced the names of things aloud, were more likely to perform such a task with success.

The study author Gary Lupyan, stresses that talking is not a simple method of communication: it contributes to improve both the perception and the thought. Pronouncing the names of the objects aloud, active their visual properties in your brain, so that subsequent searches are more successful.

8. You are a night owl and don’t like to get up early

A study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, studied the relationship between the iq of people and their sleep habits. As a result, it was discovered that those who had an iq higher were more time without sleeping, and woke up later. Another study, also published in the same magazine, with the participation of some 400 recruits of the Air Forces of the united States. At the end of the same, reached similar conclusions.

The results show that, contrary to the popular wisdom generally accepted by the society, the “owls” record ratings high for its level of intelligence.

9. You play to the online strategies that involve many users

Researchers from the University of York discovered a link between the ability of young people to play good video games, and a high level of intelligence. Scientists have focused on strategies on-line and the games in the first person, as they are extremely popular among hundreds of millions of players all over the world.

That was how it was found out that those games influence the mind of a person in a way very similar to the game of chess. The user must rely more on your memory and the ability to quickly take strategic decisions taking into account several factors.

10. Eat fish every week

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania decided to find out the relationship between fish consumption and mental capacity. A group of 541 children between the ages of 9-11 years of age participated to carry out this study. They were asked to complete a questionnaire on the frequency with which they consumed fish during the past month: the period going from “never” to “at least once a week.” To compare the mental abilities of the same is turned to an iq test, which he saw as the verbal and nonverbal abilities, such as, for example, the vocabulary, and coding.

The analysis of the results showed that children who ate fish weekly gained 4.8 points more than those who rarely or never ate it. Some, whose diet, sometimes including also the fish, obtained 3.3 points more.

What of these signs immediately? What’s more, according to your opinion, may influence the higher intellectual capacities of a person?

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