The scientists revealed 10 characteristics underestimated the beauty of women, that actually attract men

It seems that the feminine beauty is very subjective: to some men like the stuffed, other, very thin women, and several are set in other qualities. But scientists have determined that there are many signals that are not evident in the female attractiveness that men appreciate unconsciously.

The investigations were carried out by groups of scientists from different countries and in different years. In total, thousands of men and women participated in them. attempted to bring together the data obtained by the researchers, and to rescue the major, underestimated by women themselves, signs of beauty that catch men.

1. The voice and manner of speaking

Initially, the scientists discovered that men prefer a woman to have a voice more acute and feminine. It is often, as the example of the most successful, the voice of Marilyn Monroe. In contrast, it is less attractive to a man in a voice crisp, similar to that of Kim Kardashian or Ellen Page.

This is due to the fact that the female voices and high frequencies are associated with the youth and, therefore, attractive. A voice crisp is more own in older women.

Another more recent study shows that men prefer the way to talk of the woman is similar to yours. This refers to the way in which they pronounce the words and letters specific, the rate of speech and other nuances.

2. The height

It’s probably not a secret to anyone that, in general, men prefer women smaller than themselves. In most cases, the difference in height is less than 20 centimeters.

But there are a large number of men whose height is below average. While the men high looking for a greater height difference with your partner, looking for women small, men low trying to find a woman of the same height as them.

3. The age

Many times we see couples in which the man is older than the woman. And it seems that these cases are in the majority. But there are many examples of when a woman is older than her partner.

Scientists have discovered that men between the ages of 20 and 30 years of age prefer sex partners of between 24 and 26 years of age. It is because during these years, the woman has more chances of becoming a mother. And in this case it does not matter at all if the man and his chosen are thought to be parents. The fact is that in our evolutionary past, men who had sex with women between the ages of 24 and 26 years old had more children than other men.

Meanwhile, men who choose women over the age of 30 years does not fit this theory. Probably, in these cases, we would have to look into the choice reasons psychological. Or we would have to realize that in any situation clearly does not have in mind only one criterion of attractiveness.

4. Eye Color

A research conducted by scientists from the University of Tromsø, in Norway, says that men with blue eyes prefer women with blue eyes. According to the researchers, this is due to the fact that the color of the eyes of the future child will help to determine if the chosen has been faithful.

Meanwhile, the men of brown eyes or green not give them a preference for women with blue eyes.

Of course, the preferences of the men in the blue eyes seem logical. But what is certain is that even if both parents have blue eyes can have a child with brown eyes.

5. The makeup

A study conducted in 2014 says that men prefer women who use makeup moderately. It was also found that the women, themselves, in the majority of cases, they don’t like makeup interesting enough, but they think that “war paint” like the men.

With which it would be for women to wear make-up more for the men, but that doesn’t do more than scare them away. So take note and act wisely.

6. The correlation between waist and hips

Dr. Carey Fitzgerald, a psychologist at the University of South Carolina, in Beaufort, and his colleagues of the research concluded that the men remembered much more easily the personal information of women that have a correlation to “ideal” between the hips and the waist. Consider women more attractive.

According to research, the ratio ideal between the waist to the hip is approximately 0.7 inches. It’s calculated in a very simple way: measure the waist and then do the same with the hips. Then, the waist measurement is divided by that of the hips. Do not forget to convert centimeters to inches.

The models Kate Moss and Kelly Brook, the actress Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Alba, despite having figure types completely different, according to the experts, have a correlation perfect between the waist and hips.

7. The rings limbal

If the color of the eyes is somewhat ambiguous, with the ring limbal everything is more clear.

The ring limbal is a circle of dark around the edge of the iris of the eye. The scientists came to the conclusion that a ring limbal thick attracts more men. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the ring limbal width is seen more in young women. But mature women who have preserved this feature also attracted to men.

8. The color of the hair

Scientists from France conducted a study that consisted in observing what kind of women men invite you to dance more often in the night clubs: rubias, morochas or redheads.

As a result, it was discovered that the men invite you to dance more often to women blondes. Las morochas occupied the second place and the pelorrojas were the least requested by the men.

Scientists believe that it probably is not the hair color itself, but of its harmony with the color of the skin of the participants in the experiment. Thus, the color of the skin of most women redheads was the least attractive of the 8 colors of skin that the men had qualified in a previous experiment.

9. The length of the legs

The clinical psychologist Leon F. Seltzer, who studied several scientific research and many forums to understand the problem of the beauty of female legs.

Finally discovered that men prefer women with long legs. And this statement does not contradict at all the point about the fact that the low height is so attractive to men.

The issue is that men like to the woman’s legs are longer in relation to your body. So it is not necessary to have “legs endless” to interest a man. The only important thing is how to contrast with the rest of the body.

10. The curvature of the spine

The curvature of the spine is another universal standard of feminine beauty embedded in the brain of men through evolution. On average, the angle between the back and the buttocks should be about 45,5 degrees. This kind of curve is that it seems to them more attractive to men.

This angle was what allowed the women of the past and now avoid back pains during the pregnancy. Of course, many pregnant women feel pain in the lumbar region, but those that deviate from the “norm of curvature” are more likely to suffer damage.

But we must not forget that the appearance is not the only thing men value in women. After all, there is also the inner beauty. We firmly believe that every woman is beautiful in their own way. In addition, the studies cover a specific class of men, but, as always, there are many exceptions. Why don’t you encasilles by these forms of perception and use skillfully your advantages.

Tell us, what features you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

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