The directors changed the end of 12 films shortly before their premieres

When you finish the filming of the movie, this has to pass through several stages before going out on the screen. For example, the assembly, and a projection test, that many managers overlook. In fact, it is the opinion of the first casual viewers so that you can change the movie to make it unrecognizable.

In decided to find the updates more interesting, and that saved the movies that are now classics. If the radical choices were correct or not, you can decide for yourself. We’ll gladly read your comments.

Alien: the eighth passenger

When we were boys, the monsters colmilludos from another planet gave us terror and began to have a fear of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. But the classic movie of the 1979 Ridley Scott was more somber than the one we saw at the end. According to the original script, in the battle between man and the “Alien”, has won the last. But that is not all. The last message recorded by the extraterrestrial copying human speech was an end point. After seeing the original version, the producers convinced the director to re-film the last scene, which gave the fans of the film the sequel of an interesting story.

E. T., the extraterrestrial

Steven Spielberg did not know very well how it would be a strong friendship between the boy and the alien. According to your idea, E. T. had to die abandoned not only by his friend terrestrial Elliot, but for all of humanity. After you have organized screenings of test of the film is tragic, the study of Universal was horrified by the room in tears and the critical gaze. They had to rewrite the last few scenes for the fantastic story has a happy ending.

World war Z

Predicted that this movie would fail in its first weekend. The theme of the zombies cannot be called fruitful, and to the naked eye will see the differences with the original story, the novel of Max Brooks. But the expectations have not materialised and the film grossed 540 million USD in all over the world. Perhaps that has contributed to multiple editions before the premiere. The final scene of the film of suspense was to be developed in the Red Square of Moscow, where the character of Brad Pitt would return to fight with zombies. And the wife of the character trying to escape from the hands of the living dead in the refugee camp Everglades. This option was almost done, when the director-Damon Lindelof, suddenly, he wrote a different ending with a denouement optimistic. The result was a delay of 6 months and an increase in the budget of the film.

Pretty woman

“Pretty woman“, the eternal symbol of love, actually had to be a dramatic film dark. According to the original story, the lovely Vivian not only worked as a prostitute, but who was also a drug addict. In turn, the tycoon financial Edward acquired, so to speak, traits not very positive. The tentative title of the film was to “3000”. The amount of money that Edward offered Vivian. Of course, the happy ending was not expected. In the original version, the character of Richard Gere pushes the girl out of the luxury car, throwing the money on the face. Vivian escapes desperate, he comes home and is injected with a lethal dose. Are you in shock? We also. The study of Disney was skeptical about this project, so we prepared several versions of the film. The first, of course, was lost. It was also in the way the denouement, where Vivian and her friend take the bus and go to Disneyland to try their luck.

License to kill

Odd and hard to believe it happened with the movie number 16 on James Bond, already in post-production. They planned to release it under the name of “Licence revoked“, but as it turned out, the public simply did not understand the meaning of the word ”revoked“. Many even related in any way with a driving license. Had to change the title and throw a lot of posters and other things of promotion that bore the name “confusing.”

I am legend

To the film’s apocalyptic zombies, from the beginning, they recorded 2 late who interpreted the outcome of the tape in different ways. The version tragic prevailed and the fans were crying and at the same time they were proud of the courage of the protagonist, who gives himself in a crowd of the undead. The original had a taste completely different. Dr. Neville stayed with Anna and Ethan to exchange their lives for a prisoner who is infected to which they came to seek the other dead. In this way the director wanted to show to the public that the zombies also feel affection and protect their loved ones.


Can you imagine the masterpiece of James Cameron with the other end? It’s hard to believe, but initially had another 45 minutes of tragic denouement in the film. Half of this time, the director dedicated himself to a fight for the character of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Dawson, with the bodyguard of Cal, Billy Zane. The lucky ones who saw the projections of the test said that the scene was “very slow” and ruining the dynamic pace of the film. And that a fight in a life or death situation does not seem real. The end of the movie also appealed to the audience. Instead of the dramatic conclusion that we all know, originally there was a version of comic. In the front of the boat, the treasure hunter Brock Lovett convinced to Rose aged to give him the necklace, but the stone all ways ends up under the water.

Identity unknown

Do you remember that sweet and romantic outcome of “unknown Identity”? Before displaying the well-known version of the end of the legendary film on the big screen, the directors came up with a scene more sweet. Bourne walks with a photo in hand, far in the distance he sees his beloved and run towards each other.

Rambo: first blood

A long story about a veteran of the Vietnam war could end in the first chapter. According to the novel of the same name by David Morrell, the main character dies at the hands of colonel Trautman. The future of a legendary series of movies, was saved by the screening test, whose audience came to the sad conclusion that death was the only exit for the veterans of war. Director Ted Kotcheff immediately returned to film the final that is now cult.

Final destination

In this case, the screening test saved of a failure the two parts of this horror movie cult. The first chapter ended with the death of the protagonist and the birth of his son. It’s cute, inspiring, but without evidence of the continuation of the game with the death. The audience voted against the happy ending. With the fourth chapter happened the other way around. The creators of the movie killing all the characters with particular cruelty. Later this would be replaced by a weaker version bloody the outcome.

The butterfly effect

A movie with a plot as complex as the “The butterfly effect” presupposed several possible outcomes amazing. The most concise was that Evan, the main character, is transferred at the time of his birth and dies. Also filmed three other end related with each other. In the first, the main character becomes a psychologist successful and is with Kayleigh bigger, but the protagonists turn away looking at one another. In the second, Evan turns and follows Kayleigh. In the third, we give back the two at the same time and they start talking.

Terminator 2: the judgement day

Do you remember the last scene of your favorite movie from childhood? The farewell of the child with the T-800, her expression dour and “the death” of the system program. All of this was simply heartbreaking. But the directors wanted to go even further and introduce the viewers to the canosa Sarah Connor and the new senator of the city John Connor. The study, however, insisted on cutting the last few scenes for the movie theaters crying absolutely everyone.

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