Employees of cafes and restaurants told what kind of food they had never asked themselves

Imagine: you’re sitting in a restaurant, literally devouring the menu with the eyes. But at the same time, or you imagine that “devouring” some of the dishes on this list is not secure. Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet, we can take a look behind the scenes of the kitchen, and discover what we should erase forever from this list tasty.

To do this, Great.guru found the best reviews from the forums of Reddit, where the professionals of the restoration shared a list of things that they would never order.

  • Soup: never cools down completely during the night in a large pot and, therefore, during several hours it is warm”. @seagullhunter
  • Cocktails with ornaments of fruits: lemons, oranges and limes almost never washed”. @bgar0312
  • Nothing on the menu of an establishment that has more than 8 pages, which means that it is likely that all of the dishes simply thaw in the microwave or cook in bags, and then serve at the table.” @[deleted]
  • Vegetarian Pizza. I worked in a pizzeria: there is no meat in the vegetarian pizza, no cheese, but there is a sauce with a thickener natural that a priori it is made of animal fat”. @tweeblethescientist
  • Anything from the ’menu secret’ at Starbucks. Because it does not exist as such, do not know how to should be the final drink, and the staff don’t know how to prepare it exactly, so they probably will make you drink ’diabetes’ in a bowl, if you do not express your wishes as clearly as possible” @justine7179
  • “Popcorn in the cinema during the morning sessions. In the morning sold the remains heated popcorn from the night before.” @YouAteYourParents
  • Cheese sauce, no matter how tasty they may look, in fact it is 95% butter cheese and curd, in general terms, it is a good half of the rate of calories daily”. @Bradleyd00
  • Anything with truffle oil. Their smell is synthetic, and the composition is based on products derived from oil, of course that has nothing to truffles. The waiters take by ignorant customers who ask for it”. @Rez357
  • Sushi rolls unusually cut. I worked in a japanese restaurant, and we had rolls called Vulcan, which cost 7,25 USD, and rolls in California that cost 3,75 USD. What is more interesting, the Vulcan was the same as that of the California cut in the form of small triangles and sprinkled with powdered spicy, which costs about $ 0.10”. @-eDgAR-
  • Drinks with ice in establishments of fast food. According to the research, the amount of bacteria in the ice in Mcdonald’s, Burger King, KFC and even Starbucks is more than the amount of bacteria in the bathrooms of the same coffee shops. This is because the manufacturers of ice-cleaned the machinery in very few occasions, and the bathrooms are cleaned fairly often”. @dutchbob1
  • The only dish on the menu prepared from certain ingredients, for example, in my restaurant there is a sandwich of pork, and we do not use pork for anything else. Given that this sandwich is called for in very few occasions, and he is stale and the product that you eat may take several days or even weeks. It is unlikely that to die because of this, I just know that those dishes tend to be old”. @anc6
  • “Fish-O-Fish at Mcdonald’s: the same case, almost no one ordered fish, so that it is stored for a long time. For a very long time.” @CaseyTwist

And finally the words of one of the workers. Decide yourself, if you agree with it or not:

“Even so, the situation in a restaurant is probably better than in your own kitchen. Do not wash all the utensils, as in a restaurant. In addition, your phone, that you have in your hands, is impregnated with microbes, and no one knows if you washed your hands after going to the bathroom.

In most of the restaurants, yes I know, except with some of the things mentioned above, are much more clean and safe. Then, it stops to investigate. I just enjoy your drink!” @bigups43

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