The employees of Disneyland spoke honestly about their jobs and showed the behind-the-scenes of this magical world

Today there are 5 Disney theme parks open: in Florida, Anaheim, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The largest of them is at 34 kilometers from the city of Orlando, Florida.

In we listen to the stories of the employees of this giant amusement park and we share with you the most interesting.

1. An impressive clothing department

The department of costume from Disneyland is absolutely amazing. Herethere are more than a million costumes! It is not surprising, if only for Mickey Mouse there are many suits provided for every occasion. A large number of workers is engaged in their creation, maintenance, and care.

The costumes of the characters, “furry“ is a true challenge for the employees who must use them. ”Put on the costume of Tigger, for example, is like wrapping yourself in a heavy carpet“, confesses a former employee. And adds that “the workers of the clothing department do their job very well. Always sterilize the clothes and remove the scent, so that nothing reminds you that your partner had worn the same suit on a hot day”.

2. Badge fake id

Inscription on the banner: “don’t be a Chris fake, use your id badge”.

When you go to Disneyland Florida notes to the badges of personnel. Possibly you get to see several “Chris Orlando”. In reality, those employees have another name. Only that they forgot their badge at home and had to use the generic, which is always written the same. Although, who knows, perhaps, among the thousands of employees of the magic country there is a Chris of Orlando that don’t need to bring your badge of the house every day.

3. Always in the role

This must be a dream job. Otherwise, how to explain that the employees of the magical world never out of your character? It will be because they have a job of movie. “He almost say to a girl in the Middle of the Nature, ’excuse me, princess,’” he told one of the workers of the park.

After all, it’s great that your boss is Mickey Mouse, right?

4. A special form of combining the fingers

What is more likely is that you will never see a Disneyland employee point out to you something with a finger. These people will resort to the famous “gesture to Disney: the two fingers together. There are two reasons. In the first place, Disneyland is visited by people from all over the world, of different mentality and cultural background. And in many cultures point to something with a finger is considered totally unacceptable and blatantly rude.

The second reason is attributed to the own Walt Disney, who was a chain smoker and always held a cigarette between two fingers and pointed out in the same way.

5. A secret phrase to impolite

All those who work with people sometimes cross paths with a customer who would not have known about. Either by being fussy, have a poor character or, at times, be openly offensive. But the employees of Disneyland are strictly prohibited to show to the visitors the most minimal negative reaction (sometimes more justified). That’s why, if you’re one of those customers annoying, don’t fool yourself by listening to the mouth of an employee of the park the phrase : “have a magical day Disney“ (”Have a magical Disney day”): you just insult quietly.

In the language of the employees of Disneyland, is a phrase coded that allows you to let off some steam and get at least a small satisfaction. The visitor unpleasant not means nothing, but the colleague that is close to itself and to express its support.

6. The system of underground tunnels

The system of underground tunnels for service to the Disneyland in Florida is one of the longest in the world. Through these tunnels to move personnel, cargo, waste and many more things. Interestingly, the walls here are painted in different colors, according to sectors of the park: this was done so that, while moving through the system, the characters may be oriented easily and know exactly where you should “go light“ and be displayed to visitors.

By the way, the entrances and exits of the tunnels are carefully hidden from unwanted eyes. But there are excursions, behind the scenes called ”The key to the kingdom”, thanks to which you can take a look fleeting to how they live in Disneyland on the inside.

7. A strict framework for the appearance

There is a strict set of rules about the appearance that you should follow every employee of Disneyland. It is prohibited any type of piercing, except for piercing of ears (only one hole per ear), any kind of tattoo must be hidden completely , and the hair of the men has to be short. Only allowed to use neutral shades of nail Polish.

8. A lot of papers of all kinds and stickers on top

The workers at the park know that you can make someone else happy by simply giving him a sticker of a Disney character. Why carry all the time a lot of stickers in their pockets, wallets and purses. And to the end of the day they are meeting in the pockets of a bunch of maps of the magical world, pamphlets, events and many other things that migrate peacefully to his home.

9. Sometimes allowed to behave badly

The characters ’furry’ coolest are Chip and Dale“, thinks one of the workers of Disneyland. ”Because everything you do during the day is trollear with impunity to the people. How they stole a bottle of water? All destornillan of laughter. What sat in a baby stroller? Oh, how funny! Do you pretend that will kick your colleague? Wonderful, all laugh. And so, all the time”.

10. A character for the park

The workers of Disneyland trying to preserve the magic and take care that no characters repeated in a specific place at a specific time. In some parks this is achieved more than in others. Sometimes there are also failures. But in general the magic is kept intact and, as a general rule, there is only one Peter Pan or snow White to view.

11. Visitors do not always behave properly

“When I was in the role of Goofy, I threw it on the ears, I was beaten in the crotch or wrenched the nose of my suit, which, by the way, it hurts“, he told one of the former employees of Disneyland. ”People were trying to jump on my back or look under the shirt of the costume. And all of that is made for adults or teenagers, not children. In addition, I heard many parents complaining because in the magic kingdom does not sell alcohol.”

12. The “princesses“ are earning more than the ”animals”

As in all parties, the salary of the employees depends on many factors: hours of work, type of employment, among others. Interestingly, the princes, princesses and other human characters, they earn more than the animals. This is because the human characters having fun to the public without a mask, spend more time with people and actively communicate. Meanwhile, the characters “furry“ remain silent within his suit.

By the way, before you become a ”character face“, the worker must do an internship as a character “furry” for several days.

13. Constant foot pain

It is not surprising, after all, that the workers of Disneyland travel great distances throughout the day. In a huge park full of thousands of people, never stay still. That is why it is so amazing to see that at the end of the day, still smiling to the visitors of the magical country.

14. And however, working at Disneyland is magical, because it gives you the opportunity to experience the emotions more strong and beautiful life

“I did Goofy in the coffee that day —account of an employee—. In the corner, I saw a table occupied by a large family, with children. One of the children suffered from a form of autism. The characters had to pass next to the table and greet slowly with the hand. I greeted the boy and he smiled a little. When I passed next to the table and I waved the hand, the child suddenly jumped from his place, rushed up to me with a big smile and hugged me by the waist. His eyes sparkled so much that I felt that I was melting the heart. But your mom I was even more impressed. I was very happy that his little boy, not let anyone near him, would have expressed her own feelings and that she had been able to take a picture with a character. That family had been saving for a long time for that trip. The woman came up to me with tears in the eyes and gave me a big hug. What I will say with all sincerity: were the hugs sincere and warm of my life“.

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