The experts divided the millennials in several types, and each one of them is very familiar

We often hear the term “millennials”. Usually, the only thing we know is that it is people born between the eighties and mid-nineties (now have between 23 and 38 years). Students, young professionals and professionals with experience.

The company Exponential proposed a typology more precise, the millennials. Their experts have studied 4 million people to understand how to live the “generation y”. The results were presented in 2014. Perhaps, among the selected types, you’ll be able to recognize yourself or your friends. studied the typology presented by Exponential and supplemented it with their own observations. We present to the people with which we will have to communicate and work in the coming decades.

1. Women in business

Main characteristics: ambitious, practical, persevering. Business women build their world around the success and the career: they negotiate, make deals and fantastic win well. Have a weakness for croissants freshly made.

In an appointment, they behave like some recruiters. Can’t understand why a man brings a bouquet of flowers, about a chair, or talk about all kinds of nonsense all night. Because of this, it may cost them to build a relationship: do not have too much time, or desire.

How to communicate: in the language of the benefit, the numbers and rationality.

2. Part-time workers

Main characteristics: independent, self-employed. You will find a common language with a client is grumpy, a colleague ill-fated and a head strict. Recently received a diploma and still have not developed your career. Accept any job.

Live apart from their parents. In the work, generally are surrounded by whiners, gossipers and lazy people. The partially occupied the understand and follow their path. Have a goal that makes them get up in the morning, develop skills, and to not give up, after another failure.

How to communicate: if you see talents and skills that these people do not notice in themselves, be sure to tell them.

3. Enthusiastic travellers

Main features: flexible, sociable, resourceful, daring. Come to spend on a great trip your weekly budget usual, try exotic things, and not poisoned, see what more interesting without the aid of a guide. Speak equally well in both the japanese and the australians.

All you need is a map, phone and the internet. Feel secure on all sides. If I steal a wallet, they will earn money for a return journey, putting into practice their talents and resources.

How to communicate: with pleasure will share how to organize an unforgettable holiday and find friends in the end of the world.

4. Mamis-Millennials

Main characteristics: young mothers and active, spend a lot of time on social networks. Love sports, a healthy lifestyle, create a home environment with their own hands. Food choices quick and simple. But if you don’t like a service (in any location), can get a full refund in 3 minutes.

May not always be able to reach a consensus on what the baby’s father should do. They themselves earn and spend. If it is necessary to organize easily a business selling children’s clothing made of natural cotton, or begin to train via skype to future mommies-millennials.

How to communicate: these mothers we can learn how to have time to work, raise children, play sports and be a good housewife.

5. Outside of reality

Main features: smart, persistent, disciplined. Often these are people with a profession or a scientific degree who have not found the way to sell your skills for good money. Or are those who were not able to get an education, come from a small town or a poor family.

Each month of unemployment makes its curriculum to be less interesting to employers. Often those that are out of reality, don’t think about the possibility of opening your business in time to give head in the wall trying to get a job.

How to contact: if you have such acquaintances, it supports their desire to develop, share your experience.

6. Nostalgic

Main features: excited about everything that’s happened in the past, recall with nostalgia their childhood. Try to find in the past a strong foundation for the modern life. Their motto is “everything was better before”: the roads were wider, the people are friendly, the sugar was sweeter, the job was easier, had more money.

We all have nostalgia for the times when everything was simpler and more understandable, but they have a tendency to live in the past without working in the present. They can spend a year getting on his shirt, but will not be enrolled in courses that will help you earn more.

How to contact: you can get along well with them, have fun and relax, but you do not take seriously their categorical advice on how to live.

7. Martha Stewart modern

Main features: creativity, sociability, and energy. Leading blogs on YouTube, courses, and e-mails, open new businesses and create great products, teach how to choose the best in the market of goods and services.

Working in niches narrow, so that you do not compete and do not come into conflict with each other in pursuit of the public. Inspire and motivate others, with its modern look.

Martha thinks that he has 30 hours in the day and 3 gnomes that help. His energy pierces the screen.

How to contact: you can learn how to introduce yourself, create a complete product and win with it.

8. Collectors-observers

Main features: introverts and observers who absorb other people’s content without creating your own. Usually these are the people who don’t have enough time, desire or skills to enjoy new experiences in life, and absorb the experience of others: stars, friends and acquaintances.

The observers know how he formed the character and the fate of all who lived with them in the same neighborhood, went to the same kindergarten and the same school. Their ability to immersion in the information can make excellent analysts and project managers. If they want to.

How to contact: you can learn from them the latest news on everything in the world.

9. Crisis-millennials

Main characteristics: they assume too many responsibilities, so they live in constant struggle. Often already have debts on loans to 25 years: may be education expenditures, car or mortgage. The abundance of choice paralyzes.

They find it difficult to choose anything: career, lifestyle, religion, shopping, how to spend a weekend. The fear of losing one of the thousands of opportunities can lead to the fact that their homes will become a store for eclectic, your photo file will appear to a chronic shopping, and your life will be a source of constant something that does not produce any emotion except relief.

How to contact: you can help make decisions a little faster and not strive to live an ideal life.

10. Chefs gourmet

Main characteristics: curious, creative, experience easily. I love to create works of culinary as well as travel enthusiasts travel the world. They despise the fast food and those who eat.

They have money, but lack of time for travel, so that make an event even a lunch common. They know how to cook at home panna cotta, bouillabaisse (fish soup and seafood), pork glaze to the orange, they know the history of each dish.

How to contact: you can learn from them to enjoy the moment, do not be afraid to experiment and find interesting things, without going to the end of the world.

11. Brogrammers

Main features: technical smart and persevering, oriented his career. Try to be performed at maximum, sometimes suffer from back pain and insomnia. Relieve the stress on the gym.

The brogrammers know how to construct algorithms and to find solutions for non-trivial tasks.

How to contact: you can learn from them the approach to build a career.

12. Bloggers desperate

Main characteristics: public, afraid to lose something, the search for trends. Are content creators: take photos and record everything they see and hear, and publish it in your blog or on your page of a social network. Created skillfully a virtual image and spend a lot of energy to maintain it.

A blogger desperate you can spend the day in search of the ideal perspective: in the pool, near the pool, with a cocktail, with lenses, without lenses, with a smile, without a smile, laying, standing, side. In general, until you have the strength to create the selfie ideal. Their accounts are a manifestation of perfection. But where to find time to live?

How to contact: you can note down interesting techniques, how to keep the image and to communicate with the public.

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