The best memes and tweets that emerge from the appearances of Mark Zuckerberg

More serious is the issue of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, the Internet and social networks always find a way to give it a whirl humorous to the matter, and the assistance of Mark Zuckerberg to the congress of the united States to speak on the matter, could not be overlooked by the creative generators of memes, videos and tweets that abound in the super highway of information, so we decided to do the nice summary to brighten up their days.

Heads of Facebook would be considering an option paid to avoid ads

We open with the always obvious and always well-loved memes did not wait and have been abundant and generous. From compare to the good Mark with automata, to underline the generation gap between the creator of Facebook and their interviewers more veterans.

The tweeters also had their dose of laughter, and made a kind of roas social media for the CEO of Facebook, with enough charge to be humorous not to fall in the networks unnecessary.

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