The best tricks for Telegram (Part 1)

Telegram, the application Russian instant messenger created by Pavel Durov in 2013, is one of the most commonly used in America and Europe, which has 200 million monthly active users, a smaller amount in comparison with WhatsApp, but that is slowly conquering the market, gaining much more popularity thanks to its constant updates.

And even though Telegram is not the most used, yes it is the most complete. For this reason we have prepared some tips that will be of great help to dominate it from start to finish.

The reality is that we can get a lot out of the application, and it is a fact that we can get at least more than a dozen good tricks for Telegram, however, if you’re not very familiar with Telegram, or you’re just starting, here is the first 5 tricks for you to become a master of this application.

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Voice notes longer without as much effort

The notes of voice or audio messages are one of the tools top rated of the app, there are even those who use more than the text. The problem for many users is that when you record a voice note stop and hold the microphone icon, however, in Telegram it is possible to put a sure the microphone is recording our voice without the need to be pressing the microphone icon.

This function takes some time in Telegram, but many do not know how to use it, although I should mention that the process is very simple.

  • First thing we need to do is press the microphone icon to start recording our voice.
  • Subsequently slide up without releasing.
  • Ready to activate the insurance and we will be able to record without pressing the button.

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This option is ideal for all those who need to send an audio message as soon as your hands are occupied on other tasks.

How to send videomessages

If the voice notes you don’t like, and either convinces you write, Telegram also allows you to send videomessages, in this way we have one more option to communicate.

To send a video message we must follow the following steps:

  • Press once on the microphone icon to change to that of a camera, which in fact is very similar to that of Instagram.
  • Subsequently we hold the new camera icon, and if you want to slide up to activate the insurance in the style of the voice messages.
  • We will also have the option of switching to the rear camera if you so wish.

This is one of my favorite options in the Telegram, and without doubt you will be of much help when you want to send a quick video to your contacts of what is happening around you without having to open the phone’s camera, save and then send.

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To write in italics, bold, and monospace fonts

If you want to highlight some part of your messages with bold, italic, or monospace fonts, in Telegram you have a couple of options to do so without much effort.

I should mention that there are 2 ways of doing it, one is with codes before the text that we are going to highlight, and the other is from the menu.

To do it with code just write the special characters which I put below:

  • Bold: **word**
  • Italics or italics: __word__ (two underscores in a row)
  • Monospace: “`word“`

If we want to do it from the menu, then select the word to highlight it, and click on the three dots vertical of the options, there will appear the text formatting that we can apply.

Messages that self-destruct

As already mentioned, the Telegram is to my taste the instant messaging application more complete of the market, and one of these fabulous options is to send messages that self-destruct.

In this option you can select pictures, videos or GIFs, and to activate the option of self-destruction we must follow the following steps:

  • Select the option of “clip” to send media files to our phone.
  • Click on the file you are going to send, and in the bottom right you will see a clock.
  • When we press on the icon you will see the option to schedule your self-destruction, and we can select from 1 second to 1 minute after the recipient has seen it.

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Protect your information and messages with an access code

One of the pillars of the application is security and privacy, that’s why the developers have included natively an option with which we will be able to block the access to the application with a security code or fingerprint (if our phone has the technology), due to the fact that there may be occasions in which someone gains access to our computer and be able to see our conversations of the Telegram.

To enable the option we need to go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Code of access. Here we can select that also allows you to use the fingerprint, however, the option of the fingerprint is not available in Telegram X.

These are a few tricks to learn to master Telegram, and in the next few days we will have the second part, where we’ll talk about the bots, create animated GIFs, edit messages, delete sent messages, and much more.

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