The high-end mobile will soon have 512 GB of memory thanks to Samsung

The storage solution eUFS 512 GB, focused on the terminals, premium, employs the technology of V-NAND, a structure, vertical cylindrical, in this case of 64 overlapping layers, which increases the capacity of storage, and allows you to save, for example, up to 130 video 4K Ultra HD 10-minutes in length. The unit is a new energy management system, which makes you eat less, but also increases the speed of the processes of mapping.

The new solution allows “to overcome the potential limitations of system performance that may occur with the use of microSD cards,” says the executive vice president of Memory Sales & Marketing for Samsung, Jaesoo Han, in a statement. According to the company, this drive achieves read and write speeds of up to 860 255 MB per second, respectively. It also allows you to transfer to a SSD drive up to eight times faster than a microSD card normal, which would be tantamount to the transfer of a Full HD movie of 5GB in six seconds.

Samsung has started the mass production of your solution eUFS 512 GB, and is expected to be present in the next generation of mobile devices with specifications premium.

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