The names ridiculous that you are embarrassed to all over the world (except to the parents who elected them)

The name of the person is your card of presentation. Many believe that the name can shape the future and influence the character of its owner. Therefore, the majority of the parents addresses the choice of names for their children very responsible, and some try to label the children in an original manner to distinguish them from the crowd of peers.

In this article, introduces you to the names more unusual than real people.

Name history

The names appeared in the dawn of human history, when he was forming the language. The first names reflected the personality and the physical characteristics of the person: Ready, Lame, Black, Small, Big, etc

With time, the attitude towards the name has changed: the parents began to name the children in line with the qualities they wanted to see. Or they called the child with the name of any animal, for that was just as strong and skillful. For example, Arthur in translation from celtic means “bear”, and Wolf, Wool, Vovk — different variations of the word “wolf”.

Today, the names are given traditionally in honor of the saints, rulers, heroes, significant events, characters, literary favorites, as well as in honour of the objects, meteorological phenomena, plants, celestial bodies, and even food. In general, the imagination of the parents sometimes is unlimited, so the answer to the simple question “what is your name?” can sometimes surprise you.

The names that surprised

  • Until 1985, The Guinness book of world records had a category “the longest name on the planet”, the list was headed by an american of German descent, whose name contained 26 names, and in combination with the last name consisted of 746 letters. However, allowed to call himself with his incomplete name — Hubert Blaine Wolfschlegelsteinhausenberghedorf — senior, or simply Wolf-585. In the photo, he and the identity document with your full name.
  • To date, the longest name in the world is the name of an indian called Brahmatra. Represents a set of names combined of historic places, the names of diplomats, theologians, scientists, and other famous people and consists of 1478 letters, to read it takes at least 10 minutes.
  • Miss S. Ellen Georgian-Be-Lekken of Montana, USA. UU., can boast of only 598 letters in their name, although their close relatives may shorten your name to Snowoul.
  • Therefore, the name of the girl of the hawaiian islands is not particularly surprising, at least can be read: only 102 letters. Napa-Amo-Hala-Ona-Ona-Aneka-Vehi-Vekhi-Ona-Khiva-Nena-Vava-Keho-Onka-Kahhe-Hea-Leke-Ea-Ona-Ney-Nana-Nia-Keko-Oa – Oga-Ika-Wanao, which means: “Many beautiful flowers of the mountains and valleys begin to fill Hawaii in its length and breadth with its fragrance.”
  • A man from Edinburgh he felt that his name Nick was too short and common, and decided to change it to Barnaby Marmaduke Aloysius Benjy Cobweb Dartagnan Egbert Felix Gaspar Humbert Ignatius Jayden Kasper Leroy Maximilian Neddy Obiajulu Pepin Quilliam Rosencrantz Sexton Teddy Upwood Vivatma Wayland Xylon Yardley Zachary Usansky and is very proud of his new name.
  • The american psychologist John Train wrote a book dedicated to the names more absurd, and the place of honor in the book is occupied by the family Jenson of Chicago, whose sons are called Meningitis, Laryngitis, Appendicitis, Peritonitis and Tonsillitis.
  • The family May of New Orleans chose the names of Mu, Wu, Gu for their daughters.
  • The names in honor of the months are quite popular in the united States, but in the French family, the children called January, February, March and April had a last name appropriate numerical: 1792. The family acquired the original surname in honor of the year of the proclamation of the First French Republic.
  • In 2008, was held in Spain, the first International Meeting of odd Names. In the course of this, it was learned that the names to more original had the residents of the district indian Kandhamal: in a family, in gratitude for the state support, the child was called Two Kilos of Rice, its neighbor is called a Silver Dollar, so a man called Love Potatoes just stands out of the general fund.

  • In the ecuadorian province of Manabi, are also living people with fancy names:Super Cement, Cavalcade of Sports, Loved Ecuador, the Leg of a Chicken, International Conflict.

  • The names of abbreviation soviets, of course, occupy a special place in all lists original names. The children from the soviets with the name of Vil (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin), Comrade, Atheistic, Industry and Tractorina still had luck. The more “original” baptize their children with peculiar names such as Pobysk (“Search”) or Vor (“Thief”).

The names that are prohibited

However, since that time when the fantasy of the parents exceeds reasonable limits, many countries have officially banned to use names to sets of random letters, symbols, numbers, swear words and insults.

  • One of the clearest examples of the original name of our time — a Russian child BOCH RVF 260 602 (Object biological human kind Voronin — Frolov, born 26.06.02). BOCH has not yet received the Russian passport, as your name belongs to the category of names prohibited in this country.
  • Problems with identity documents also has a child, Swedish – born in 1991. In the civil registry refused to register his name Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 for being absurd, even though the parents tried to defend his position through the court, arguing that this name is a work of art.
  • In Sweden, under the ban are the names: Ikea, Superman, Veranda, Lego, Google and Q, however, the children who had been appointed prior to the ban, will not have to change their names.
  • In France, after several precedents, was forbidden to name children in honor of the food. Names such as Strawberries and Cabbage do not already exist.
  • A couple in china was not allowed to name the child in honor of the @ symbol. Although the father claimed that the at sign symbolizes your love for the child.
  • In New Zealand, you can not call the children’s Princess, Knight, King , and other titles.
  • In Malaysia, the law banned the name in honour of animals (Snake, Dog, Bear), as they compare a person with an animal is a terrible insult in this country.
  • In Saudi Arabia, the names related to religion are prohibited: Angel, Demon, Virgin, Prophet and are not found among the names of this country.
  • However, in some countries of Europe, such as Germany and Switzerland, to call a child Judas or Lucifer is not allowed.
  • And in other countries it is officially forbidden to name children with names of fictional characters. For example, in Mexico, as you can’t name your son Batman, Terminator or Harry Potter, although the simple Harry is not prohibited.

Famous parents original

Some celebrities also dream of mentioning to their children in the crowd through a name that is uncommon.

  • Sam Worthington named his son Rocket (Rocket Zot), just because I like the sound of this word. The second name — Zot — the child received in honor of the nickname of his grandfather.
  • The 16 year old son of David Duchovny is called Child (Kyd Miller Duchovny).
  • Zooey Deschanel came to a compromise: their children have compound names, the first is fairly standard, but in combination with the second sounds very original: your son is called Charlie Wolf (Charlie Wolf), and his daughter is Elsie Otter (Elsie Otter).
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their son Santo (Saint West), and their daughter North, and in combination with the name of the father, the name of the girl sounds like North West — Northwest.
  • Other fans of the geography are the actor Alec Baldwin (his daughter is called Ireland, Ireland Eliesse Baldwin) and singer Alicia Keys (the name of his son is Egypt, Egypt Daoud Dean).
  • The children of the actor Jason Lee is called Pilot Inspector (Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf-Lee) and Casper. In addition, Casper is a girl.
  • The Beckhams are also very fond of giving unusual names to their children: the eldest son of David and Victoria was called Brooklyn (Brooklyn Joseph Beckham) in honor of the city where it was conceived; the second son is called Romeo in honor of the protagonist of the play immortal Shakespeare. The youngest son is called Cross in honor of the family friend, Tom Cruise. And the second name of her daughter is Seven (Harper Seven Beckham). Under this number, David Beckham played for Manchester United club.

The more original it is the name of a person, the more attention it attracts towards itself. The parents ‘ desire to distinguish your child from the crowd is understandable, but not everyone can resist the great interest in his person. Often, a name unusual can become a serious problem for the child. Choosing names for children is not an area where you must practice resourcefulness and creativity. The main thing is that the name should be combined with the surname for which you like to the baby when he grows up.

What are the names more unusual that you heard?

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