The hidden secrets behind the pleasant “smell of new car”

Have you ever heard someone say “smells like new car”? or have you ever had the fortune to experience that exquisite aroma to get into a vehicle fresh out of the agency? There are those who think that this is a fragrance already imposed, but many believe that it is the whole set of components that are structured to a car. Here we will explain to you all about this curious phenomenon.

Mentiríamos if we say that the “smell of new car” is something really detestable, because in reality it is something pleasant. However, few know the origin of this fragrance so unique, it could even become a risk to the agency.

First of all, we must not believe all those fragrances industrial “smell of new car” sold in any market. The smell of the vehicle comes from the sum of hundreds of different chemicals, among them benzene, formaldehyde (formaldehyde), toluene and further volatile organic compounds which, when they merge, they smell that way.

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The aroma can vary depending on each car (brand, model, components, garments). The greater part of the interior of an automobile consists of plastic parts which are fastened to each other through adhesive materials and other materials sealants. Once the vehicle is manufactured, the materials are “unstable”, which leads to the release of volatile organic compounds into the air in a process known as degassing.

Scientists recommend which drivers or passengers remain in constant ventilation the new vehicle in question, because the exposure to the chemicals might be harmful for the health. From a simple sore throat, to headaches, allergic reactions, nausea or dizziness, although, of course, will depend on the sensitivity of each person and their immune system.

May have long-term effects such as hormone disruption and reproductive. Other organs may be damaged, as well as the central nervous system, according to the magazine Popular Mechanics. Another factor to consider is the heat to which a vehicle may be exposed, as it could serve as a catalyst for the vapor release of the volatile chemicals.

However, there are manufacturers of vehicles that are already taking measures in this regard, using materials that are not harmful for health.

Meanwhile, instead of keeping that amazing “smell of new car”, you try to make it go away by leaving your windows open, especially in times of heat.

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We offer an apology if we broke up with your enthusiasm and love for the smell of new car. Do you was this information useful?

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