The superpowers genetic redheads

The truth is that if we look around us, the possibility of encountering someone red-head is very small, although there are countries in the world where the likelihood increases considerably: Iceland, Ireland or the United Kingdom, for example, between 5 and 15% of the population are. This special feature has made them to be the object of study in numerous occasions, to the point of identifying several peculiarities which have been collected in the book The Big Redhead Book (The big book of redheads). Let’s look at some:

  • Autorreparadores. Did you know that you don’t need as much vitamin D as the rest of humans? Due to the color of their hair and skin tone so white that have (even more so when they live in areas where it is common to have a weather cloudy), are able to create their own vitamin D in less time than other people with hair of a different colour. This is a big advance for them, as they can prevent health problems such as diabetes or arthritis.

  • Superwomen. As for the women, did you know that redheads can withstand the pain? According to a study by McGill university carried out in 2003, are able to do 25% better than other and, in case you have to sedarlas, according to the University of Louisville, it requires a greater effort and dose to achieve this (at least 20% more).

  • Hypersensitivity. It was this same university, which found that all of the redheads are able to notice the temperatures before the rest of mortals. According to a study conducted in 2005, have a gene called MC1R which would trigger the detector to human temperature to an extent that would allow them to be very sensitive to any change towards cold or heat.

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