The taxi drivers in Mexico will launch their own app to compete with Uber and Cabify

In Mexico, the mobility has become a field that requires new strategies for facilitating transport to citizens. In view of the situation, arrived by private companies, which shook the guild of taxi drivers in Mexico. Uber and Cabify were perfect examples to prove that technological advancement was a source of attraction and interest on the part of the citizens because it was assumed that the companies would provide more security unlike the public transport.

With the incursion of this type of services, the taxi drivers of Mexico found themselves at odds, fighting for having the same rules to an “unfair competition”. However, it seems that now you will find the rematch with the integration of a new application that works in the style of Uber or other companies.

To achieve progress in the implementation, the taxi drivers of Mexico joined a company called Nekso, which will be in charge of developing the platform with the necessary features to optimize the service.

The new business of Uber will be to rent electric bikes to its users

Recently, the National Movement of Taxi drivers joined in to implement your strategy. The President of the movement, Bersaín Miranda, commented as follows:

“It’s an innovative plan that we have decided to start the carriers, after a reflection, a product of a bob that made us transnational corporations, which they saw with the aim of displacing the transport legal.”

The states in which it will be available in the application are the following: Monterrey, Queretaro, Cancun, Mexico State and Michoacan. For the City of Mexico, there will be a minimum of 10 thousand cars to have a response time of five minutes for when hiring a trip.

For a taxi driver can register in the application, Nekso will require a training and evaluation to validate the service. The modernisation does not only imply that you integrate an application, but also the vehicles will be refurbished to be able to be at the level of private competition.

The rates will be calculated depending on the time and distance of each journey. Something that will highlight the applications of private transport, is the fact that Nekso will choose the driver among 6 options. For everything else, the operation will be similar; the user must register, to enable a form of payment, schedule, your route, etc

To offer greater security

The challenge of this new application aims to provide more security to the users that require a reliable service of mobility. With the assessment of taxi drivers, the users would be able to distinguish the drivers reliable, although, of course, that’s only in theory because nothing is a guarantee.

The service EcoBici is already integrated in electric bikes

Despite the fact that the application is already available, the service will start functioning from the month of march. In the beginning, only 200 thousand units will be provided with the application that already have the necessary requirements to operate.

What Confiarías in this new service of the taxi drivers in Mexico?

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