The Tesla will receive an update to become true autonomous cars

There are many users who believe that Tesla are car completely autonomous thanks to the Autopilot, however, is not true, because this technology works more as an aid or assistant of driving, as even the user is recommended to keep the hands on the wheel and be attentive to the road in any situation.

Already there have been several accidents (some fatal) when the people had the autopilot on, and of which the majority ignored the warnings of the system for the user to take control of the vehicle. Well, now Elon Musk has promised that soon will come new features to the Tesla that will improve the Autopilot, giving them the functions of an autonomous car.

The function of an autonomous vehicle is the ability to control the vehicle by itself, without human intervention, and at the moment there is any car on sale that is 100% autonomous, and Tesla are the closest thing to an autonomous car on the market.

It will be in August when they release the update 9.0 for the Tesla, and with it to integrate the new functions to the Autopilot. He has not mentioned what level of autonomy will have vehicles, and it is likely that you do not reach the level that you currently have Google with Waymo, whose vehicles are still being tested in California, but it is likely that what we see in the update is very interesting.

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Elon Musk has mentioned that one of the improvements will be focused on the security of the Autopilot, which even is the priority of this update.

Let’s remember that from the Tesla Model S, 2016 these vehicles can now be purchased with all the hardware and software capabilities to perform some of the functions of autonomous cars, as there is a version of $ 5,000 with Autopilot improved, and another $ 3,000 so-called “Ability to conduct a complete self-contained”, so that users that already have a Tesla with these characteristics will receive the update in their vehicles in a few more weeks.

A point that is important to re-clarify is that the fact of receiving improvements and new features of an autonomous vehicle, it is always important to follow the recommendations of the vehicle, and why not think that we are faced with a car that can be driven through the streets while disregarding the view of the road, because of time cars with these capabilities are still in the testing phase.

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