Users could not understand what we are trying some things until I asked on the Internet

Thanks to the digital technology one can find the answer to almost any question or suggest the correct solution for others. Sharing knowledge is pleasant and helpful. collected nearly 20 photos of things unexplained for thousands of people. For a long time tried to find out what it was until it was discovered. If you believe that you have a good intuition, try to understand what is in the photos without reading the descriptions.

18. What I found in China. It is sweet.

Well you see the honey of wild bees. Someone calls him honey from the stone. Under the influence of natural factors, the nectar crystallizes rapidly and becomes a solid substance. Some consider it a different type of honey, rare and valuable among gourmets.

17. I was in an old jar of juice

The juice home began to be fermented and turned into vinegar. Inside is formed a uterus acetic acid, more commonly known as mushroom tea. Despite its appearance it is absolutely harmless and can be use for the production further than vinegar.

16. What is this? and what makes there a lady with the tail naked?

This is a holder for napkins of silk, which formerly were used instead of toilet paper for the nobility. Therefore, the other side appear the bare buttocks, the place of application.

15. I found them in a shop japanese

These are protective caps for pencils that help to keep the board intact. Allows you to keep your pencils perfectly sharp.

14. A friend caught something in India. What happened to him?

13. So I found the tease of my girlfriend. How to use it?

This is not an instrument of torture, but a massager “dermaroller”. It is used to increase the elasticity of the skin, reduce pores, and remove traces of acne.

12. A traffic sign rare

The first signs of this type were installed near the cotton mills. Due to the conditions of work are severe, the workers suffered from a serious lung disease. Forced to sleep sitting up, in the hot season often slept on the terraces. These signs on the road warned drivers not to make noise. Now they are installed close to the houses where the people live who needs peace and quiet. For example, near the hospices.

11. Floated close to the shore. Within nerves are orange and black eggs.

This alien stranger is actually a mollusk nudibranch. In place of a shell has a hood tacky in his head, and alimienta with jellyfish, crustaceans and sea sponges. The black eggs inside are “the lunch“ of the mollusk. By the way, one of his ”relatives” is a lot like a rabbit.

10. I went to the bathroom and I found this

Not all women will understand, but many men approve. This is a bearing above the urinal in which one can support the front while you are doing your needs.

9. My girlfriend inherited this tool of his mother. What is it for?

Such a device was used to cut the vegetables.Allows you to manually, quickly, cut, or grind the vegetables or nuts.

8. I found a couple of these things on the beach. And does not look like a sea shell.

If you have a parrot you probably would’ve bought this as a source of calcium. In fact, this is the bone of cuttlefish.

Before serving to make powders dentifrices, but today it is used by jewelers. The bone has a very high melting point and is easy to form a casting mold desired where, after pouring gold.

7. What is this monster that you see in a computer of a magnetic resonance imaging?

It is not a frog or a clown, or even a moose. It looks like the brain of a lion in a sea of 1 year of age.

6. Strange model of almete. Who used it?

Is the hull of the flamethrower German of the First World War. Was the German army first used the flamethrower as a weapon between 1912 and 1915.

5. What type of clay appears in the spring?

Nothing supernatural. It is only one of the fungi that looks more like the jelly and would prefer to “eat” leaves, and rotten trees.

4. I found these moths of metal. Who knows what can this be?

Nothing to do with the wiretaps. It is only a piece of the lid of a salt shaker with dispenser.

3. My grandfather makes sure that are contact lenses. But I don’t believe him…

Despite the impressive version, the answer is more obvious. Are prosthetic eye created in such a way that they seem much the human. And yes, they are not spherical as shown in the movies.

2. A friend found it in his grandfather’s house. What is this key?

It is a mouthpiece for cigarette smoking. Are sold in tobacco shops special. Today in day used for smoking marijuana.

1. What is this creature in the Museum of Natural Sciences? No signs closely.

Is Jenny Haniver, figurines made of bones dried in the stripes. In a time the sailors of Antwerp had a lot of fun this way, and made them pass through the demons of the sea. Some of the scientists even tried to study it seriously.

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